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    The only problem I saw as a Demo Warlock was the AI seriously did a number on my Felguard and killed it often.
    HAHAH me too. Those AI are NOT FANS of my felguard they would go out of their way to murder it. Still that means the felguard is doing his job but you have to really keep an eye on his status.

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    I'm not sure that Blizzard understands the meaning of AI. First island expeditions, now BGs. Those things are just more advanced NPCs. How the hell can they be called AI when they do the same thing over and over? Our team has all 5 bases, camps at stables, and the "AI" just repeatedly tries to get back stables instead of capping any of the other undefended flags....
    AI is just a fancy cool word without any real meaning.

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    Wasn't super bad, but our team had no heals in 1 game, and single heal in the next 4, so it wasn't too easy. Plus alliance hp on average 140k so fresh toons, while NPC were around mine, 220k. AI also hated my elemental with passion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    AI is just a fancy cool word without any real meaning.
    This is true, I somehow doubt that Blizzard's NPCs actually have the ability to learn and adapt. They are probably just more complex scripts. If they could learn then they would behave far different today than they did on release simply from accumulated knowledge.
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