We are a guild on, EU-Ragnaros

We're looking for people who want to push new and upcoming raids. We are a new guild but we have a lot of knownledge of the game already.

We will be accepting any roles and classes all we ask is that you are friendly, mature and patient if/when we wipe. We're aiming to have 2/4/14 for raids to try make pushing and communication simple. Currently we only hav 3 DPS but we may be looking to change what we main as I (as example) may take tank role instead. Having Raiding experience is another thing we ask for as we want to make sure people have an idea of what they are doing, allowing for a better experience for all raiders.

We are looking to be doing our raids on Weekends, but this may change.


If you are interested in our guild and would like to join feel free to contact us by:

* Replying to this Post

* Mailing/Messaging us in game (Sjl or Zipitshrimpy)