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    I am ofc a big believer every playable race should be the best version of what they can be. It's important for a story to flow, so races have to have downs, but they must be countered by bigger ups.

    With the night elves, it's been well noticed that they've been lows and few highs. So much so people don't associate them with or forget that this is the race that stewarded Azeroths most peaceful and growth filled era as well as both its greatest and most formidable empire and civilization.

    The weak portrayals in-game, have left many a fan with the impression that night elves are as flimsy wishy washy as the bouncy animations on their females and males have, awkward and not relevant. But if we were to take both their great accomplishments in magic, civilization and life, they are incredible. Question is, can they ever actually be so again? A big, powerful group. With territories, notoriosu combatants in a range of fields and renowned for their skill and expertise, leaders in their fields globally and well sought after or feared.

    You don't need an empire for this ofc, butyou do need to be established again. Can this happen?

    Question then is, given their current state, can they recover? Does the story leave room for that.?

    Current State
    Genocided: Most night elves have been wiped out from the War of the Thorns
    Druids - many lost during the nightmare and WoT
    Sentinels - only the most highly skilled remain b/c they were absent from the war
    Shen'dralar Highborne: Only few remained to rejoin the night elves in cataclysm - their city fell to ruins
    Illidari: Small elite group - though most are night elves, they aren't officially ali

    Areas of Recovery:
    Land, zone and territory : Cities, Forests
    NEs will undoubtedly recover Ashenvale and Darkshore at the end of BFA beyond that I do not think

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    8.2 and 8.3 might be the key.

    Maybe there's a way to reverse N'zoth's corruption on the Naga. Even a fraction of the Naga restored as Night Elves would be a huge replenishment to their population as it seems Naga are one of the most prolific species on all of Azeroth

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmAddict View Post
    To play devil's advocate- why would Hyjal shift from being a druid Cenarion thing that has both horde and alliance druids and suddenly be night elf only? the wild gods and demi-gods aren't night elf property afterall - they are druidic related, but not necessarily night elf. If Hyjal goes night elf only, then it becomes a target in the war.

    Also, why would they attempt to heal Lordaeron with the blood elves round the corner as a strong hold for the horde when the broken isles is largely deserted with room and kin around. I would take my chances against the Nightborne than a Sunwell fuelled Quel'thalas.
    I commented on Hyjal because most of known Wild Gods that lives there are often heavily connected with Night Elves - but I never recommended them to live there because it's just not ideal in my head anyway. As for Lordaeron... it was just a thought tossed out since it's blighted and wasteland right now. I assumed that over time, I don't know how but I'd guess that Belves will lose Silvermoon City to Alliance given with the trailer from opening of BFA where Blizzard painted entire continent in blue and reds - Red in Kalimdor, while Blue in Eastern Kingdom -- "Horde continent" - Kali "Alliance Continent" - EK. That why I mentioned Lordaeron but SoS sounds more likely alternative IF Kaldorei do make decision to give up on Darkshore and move to EK. Which is very very unlikely until perhaps Tyrande and Mal dies.

    But Broken Isles is great idea, I hadn't thought about that -- they could always rebuild City of Narathalas with permission of the 10,000 ghosts and Farondis there of course. Brilliant idea! Oh or they can move to Val'sharah presumably it gets healed from Nightmare! It would make a great home zone for Nelves.

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