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    It happened again !?

    To be clear what happened here - I usually don't farm old raids for mounts - 11/02/16 was the first day of the second reset after patch 7.1, when the raiding for leashes achievement for ulduar came out, and I was in there for pets. I didn't get a pet the entire run, then the mount dropped.

    Under nearly identical circumstances, 2 1/2 years later, I'm not getting any pets to drop and thinking it would be funny to get the mount again... and it happened.

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    Congrats, i guess?

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    I think you might have been looking for this thread

    Still, it's always a happy time to get a raid mount, grats.

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    weird flex but ok
    The doom of worlds wakes once more!

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    The odds of this happening under identical circumstances twice just seems insanely low - 1 in thousands at the very least, probably closer to 10000 than 1000.

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    Cleared raid and got mount drop.
    Such amaze
    many luck

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    Mate go buy a lotto ticket wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by eloboosta View Post
    Mate go buy a lotto ticket wtf

    ONLY IF HE managed loot like lich king mount, Yogg mount, 4 different world bosses mop mounts on the same day then HE SHOULD GO BUY LOTTO TICKET...

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