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    Oh I know they do have guns see it often enough on the local news here, but as I said in a previous post of mine if someone with ill intent wants a gun bad enough they will find a way to get one..
    They will, and people use that as a reason to make guns legal because "people can get them anyway". Doesn't the same logic then apply to say cocaine? Lets make it legal cause people can get it anyway?

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    I know a few people around where i live that own an old Thompson, i hear them shoot it off every now and then. I think you have to get several things done ontop of the license to own it.
    You can buy new "Thompson's" that are Semi-auto they are neat, with the ammo drum and a violin case it's like $1600.00. I kinda want one, to just mess around with.

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    So they are going to ban every auto, semi auto gun. So what left? Pump action, double barrel shotguns and bolt action rifles, revolvers?

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    This thread is nothing but gun control discussion. Use the mega-thread for this. closing now...

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