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    Do Hollywood scandals make you more likely to watch...

    Do Hollywood scandals make you more likely to watch or support an artist or celebrity or less?

    This includes boycotts and on issues anywhere from criminal or political.

    Personally I have to say it has almost no influence on it. Unless it’s Peter Townsend or R.Kelly.
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    I haven't watched hollywood trash in a long time. These days its more depression realising x is a pedophile etc especially when watching my fav 80's films.
    Weinstein thing I couldn't care about, actresses getting roles and millions for sex acts has been long known. Somewhere in my folders I got a pic of a news article from the 40's where an actress is pointed out for not actually sleeping with jewish producers, yes they said that literally.
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    I already don't keep up with entertainment trends, so very little influence to be had

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    All the "scandals" are just the outrage mob ether taking something out of context or crying because not everyone is an insane far left regressive like they are.

    People just need to chill the fuck out and watch / listen / play what they like and stop worrying about pointless crap like someone saying something stupid when they where young or will smith not being black enough or whatever other pointless crap people moan about.

    Chill the fuck out people and just enjoy the content.
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    I learned a long time ago that you need to divorce the character on the screen/pages from the actor/author of a work of fiction, otherwise you will probably never be able to enjoy anything anymore once you learn about the people involved.

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    I give zero shits about scandals. If it's something serious I ofc want them to get punished accordingly, but I'm not gonna stop watching or enjoying something I enjoy due to them doing something awful that's not relevant.

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    Depends on what the scandal is. Wearing brown shoes to black pants? Being a racist prick? Child porn?

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    I only ever find out about Hollywood scandals here. . .

    I honestly don't care a bit about what someone did, even if illegal when it comes to the products they made. If I like the product I'll keep buying it even if the one who made it is a child cannibal. We use medical breakthroughs made by the Nazis every day ffs.

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