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    how dark is your sense of humor?

    How dark is your sense of humor? What do you think of people with dark senses of humor?
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    Can be pretty dark.
    Especially nowadays where people get offended by everything.

    @ctd12345 made a great joke about a bin lorry driver mowing down 6 Scots. Laughed fairly hard irl

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    Pretty dark and sacrastic even for Czech standards which are way above most other countries in general. I often get really weird and offended looks among my international friends for stuff that would be 100% acceptable at home.

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    Ah more dry sense of humor than dark. Dry Humor "Arrested Development" Dark "The Addams Family" that is pretty much my scale.
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    Very dark. I'm often finding humour in the most horrible things moments after those things happening. I think it is my defense mechanism to possible Mental Trauma.

    but as they say, Dark humour is like a Child with Cancer. It never gets old.

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    Just going to get in here early with a warning: Don't post anything against the forum rules, even if you consider it a "joke". Forum rules still apply.

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    you can't help what you think is funny.

    i prefer star wars dad humor, though...

    What is the temperature inside of a tauntaun on Hoth? Lukewarm...
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    Since we better not post do we measure this?

    Are there comedians with dark humour that you could name?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby B View Post
    Okay...yeah...that suits me. So I guess Jim Jefferies level...I love the story about how they tooka very handicapped guy to a brothel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Black Adder dark
    Also great
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    I usually liken humor to blood types and I'm type-AB; I'll find just about anything funny, from racist jokes to dead baby jokes but can't tell a funny joke to save my life. Feel pretty guilty laughing at such jokes but can't keep myself from laughing at such things...
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    Pretty bloody dark. Even when there's a recent event that many would consider improper to joke about, it isn't off limit for my humor. Though most likely such jokes are illegal in my country.

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    pretty much approaching Vantablack levels....
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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    How dark is your sense of humor? What do you think of people with dark senses of humor?
    dark enough that I made a guildie rage quit the guild after I made a very in poor taste joke and then spend 2 hours in trade chat going off at me - I was in Suramar at the time so didn't see any of it lol

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    Pretty dark.
    I occasionally create day 0 memes or photoshoops of terrorist attacks, accidents, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Rubbing Specialist View Post
    but as they say, Dark humour is like a Child with Cancer. It never gets old.
    I laughed irl at this, how dark does that make me?

    Anyway, it depends, I guess. There also is a difference between "general" dark jokes like the one above, and making fun of actual events which might be crossing a border.

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    There is no Jimmy Carr joke that I found offensive.
    Actually there is no offensive joke for me, no matter if it's from a stand-up comedian or not.
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    much darker than the nerds on here that think identifying as a helicopter is in anyway edgy

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    Real dark. My only rules are dont make a joke to a person that was affected by it. And I mean like the family members. Not someone "affected" by the event. Other than that, anything goes. No such thing as too soon.

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    I'm autistic so I don't have much of a social filter.

    My wife always says, "just because you think of something funny, doesn't mean you should say it." So now I just text it to her or whisper it depending on the situation. It's even funnier watching her suppress her laughter.

    But some funny things are just to severe to share even with her and I keep those to myself.

    That recent Michael Jackson documentary was a minefield for me.

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