More of a personal and niche thread as i think i am a minority (would love to know)

Am i the only one who loves in MMORPG's to test different builds, talents, gems, azerites, combos?
Explore new playstyles and find new ways to play the same class?
The dream scenario is by experimenting so much you eventually find something broken ingame...

The 50% nerf to all azerites in PvP was...heartbreaking to say the least.

Not much to discuss here.
Just wanted to know if im the only one who likes to play like this in all MMORPG's.


Just so you have an idea on how desperate i am for "customization"
I recently gemed one of my gear pieces with +3% movement speed and picked 2 azerite traits that give 2% movement speed.

Ladies and gentleman...i now have a Vengeance Demon Hunter that can slightly outrun you!!!!!!


Would you like WoW to have more customization in gameplay (for the same spec/class) ?