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    Any Alliance AV premades?

    I've been meaning to finish of requirements for the Justicar title but I'm only 4k into honored with AV and finding it extremely difficult to a win in AV as alliance. I'm now 0-14 in AV over the last week and losses give virtually no reputation. Are there any premade groups still playing? I know there used to be a big Horde one, but they hardly need it anymore and I gave up searching for an Alliance one after about 20 minutes. Trying to organize a random group into something resembling a winning team is worse than herding cats, and I haven't been in a single match that was even remotely close to being a competitive game.

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    Try a PvP community? Just checking on google I found this one: https://worldofwarcraft.com/invite/G...ction=Alliance
    Hail Lilith and see you in Hell!

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