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    Quote Originally Posted by Druitz View Post
    Much better than random pillars appearing and disappearing during game

    There will never be arena without los because of how it will affect gameplay. Healers will have no way to kite melees and casters will CC every healer much much easier

    If they will ever decide to add pillar free arena i bet they will change their mind in next patch. We already have some maps that promote specific compositons, it's better to add more balanced arenas like Nagrand Arena
    As someone wrote before, they already tried that and didn't really worked well. It favored couple of specs that performed really well where rest were just impossible to play. I remember some people leaving the said arena as soon as the pillars rose up and they saw their opponents (back in the days you couldn't see who were you up against until arena begun).

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    Maybe there will be buttons or activation spots on the walls that can change where the pillars are mid fight.

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