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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    Gaijin just means foreigner, so I don't see anything degratory in it.
    And yet the Japanese government is recommending using gaikokujin instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The King in Yellow View Post
    No it really has not... it literally means outsider... it is also used towards Japanese people not born in Japan, as there is no other word for foreigner or non-native Japanese person. It was perceived as pejorative by western people, the word itself is not.
    And "nigger" is from the Latin for "black", so it's no more offensive than "black" is, right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    And "nigger" is from the Latin for "black", so it's no more offensive than "black" is, right?
    Ah yes... because calling a foreigner a foreigner is on the same level as a word which is literally slur stemming more so from the French word "negre". It does have it's origin in latin, but not in the way it was used. But hey.. let's blow a completely normal word completely out of proportion and compare it to racial slurs, amirite?

    Enlighten me.. how should we call people from foreign lands then? Because god forbid calling people LITERALLY: "Person from another place" or "Person from outside"

    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    And yet the Japanese government is recommending using gaikokujin instead.
    Because it is the formal word for basically the same.

    Gaijin means foreigner "outside person"

    Gaikokujin means outsider from any other country basically.

    Both can be used either positive or negative, which does not take away they are both literally the word for foreigner.
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    They sound vaguely Asian and I have no idea what they mean?

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    Farang/Falang is the only word I can talk about because people called me this more than a hundred times.

    Once I drove into a small rural village in Thailand and all the kids from the street run towards me screaming "falang! falang!". They were excited as it looked like and happy to see me.

    As i visited my girlfriend in some rural place I did not understand much what everyone was talking about, but "falang" was in every second setence. So they talked about me is all I got from this word.

    It's also common in taxis when the driver talks to the station and explains why he can not pick up the next person. He has to drop off the "falang" first.

    Do I feel offended? No, not at all. People have to understand that these are just words.

    In western societies they are also just words until someone decides that he/she is deeply offended by this and society will give this word a whole new meaning and suddenly it's forbidden and some new pc term will get its place. Until someone is deeply offended again. The circlejerk of political correctness.

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    I have no idea how am I supposed to know what these words mean or why should I care. Here in Italy we have a derogatory term specifically aimed at every and each other country, what's new.
    Since I am too lazy to go look up definitions, I'll just assume some of them.
    A "farang" is clearly a boomerang that goes really far so that's cool.
    "Gaijin" sounds like a verb, as in "let's go gaijin'!". So it has to do with sports.
    "Oegugin" is something you say to calm down people.
    The last one I really have no idea. Sounds like someone is choking and trying to speak.

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    Can only express my feelings about (oegugin) which literally means out(side)-land-person. It doesnt neccesary have a bad or insulting meaning and I never heard it used as an insult against me.
    Its just what I am when visiting another country - a foreigner.
    It can be seen different by people who for example live in korea and are maybe even well integrated or got korean citizenship, but will always stay a foreigner in korean people minds. But that doesnt really affect many people so its not a big issue.

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    Most words probably say nothing for europeans. Gaijin is probably only known for being a russian Video Game developer, making the game War Thunder. :P

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    i feel like if i had a gay asian friend with a sense of humor i would probably call him "gaijin" a lot.

    he would call me "round eye round body" and we would both laugh and laugh
    No sense crying over spilt beer, unless you're drunk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    They're words for foreigner in different languages. That's all it is. They're literally not derogatory.
    As with literally any word, it depends entirely on context and subtext.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    And yet the Japanese government is recommending using gaikokujin instead.
    I'm not the government of japan.

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    A bunch of words in languages that dont matter in the slightest? Nah they dont bother me lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by CryotriX View Post
    Only familiar with gaijin. Feel free to use it, but the word does have xenophobic connotations. Don't expect people that are familiar with the word to not notice it. it signifies you see a difference between you, and the foreigner. It can be a positive or negative difference. Considering how the foreigner in this case is a minority (and formerly an invader of Asian lands), there's just no way to make this into a positive.
    It's really simple, gaijin means foreigner and is suitable for all purposes of addressing someone who is in fact a foreigner. It does not bear negative or positive connotations besides what the speaker is intending to say. Don't project your Western ideology or your petty feelings on this please acting as if this crushes your feelings when in fact you are really a foreigner and are different. I know right, what a shock. How about you just acknowledge what you are and move on?

    I've been called a gaijin over thousands of times by now and never is there any harm meant by it. I'm always being addressed respectfully and with proper manners aside from the random occasion where a drunk idiot screams at me, but I'm not really bothered by that too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaza-R View Post
    Not offensive. Faranji (same root word as Farang) generally means westerner in syrian arabic. Its not used a derogatory sense
    Depends how it's used or gets used. Most offensive words started out as perfectly harmless descriptors, they cross the boundary if when they become the descriptor of choice for hateful people.

    It's never sat well the idea of immediate offence at the use of a word. Eod a word is just a sound, the power of a word is in its potential for action which comes from the intent.

    That and making words taboo never tackles the real issue, hateful people just pick a new word. The list of slang words I've heard used to be derogatory to Asians (Arabs for every one else) is massive and grows every time one gets banned.

    For me it's not about the word, but what the intent behind the word is.

    If Nat lamao came up and called me a filthy ferangi or w/e I'd be insulted. But if they said oh yea that's my mate he's a ferangi. I'd not give a damn.

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    I don't know what they mean and I don't hear anyone in my peer group using them.

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    Are those the Eastern Asian versions of 'gringo'?

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    The first time I ever heard gaijin was in X-men the animated series. So if someone called me that I would feel bad ass like wolverine.
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    Depends on how it's used at the time, just like any other word. They're not inherently derogatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    I want you to explain how it's derogatory to call a foreigner, a foreigner.
    Context. I can't speak for most of those words, but gaijin has strong negative connotations among native speakers; for 'Muricans the closest in terms of negative context would be using 'illegals' to encourage an us-vs.-them mindset. While on paper it isn't derogatory (foreigners are foreign, illegal immigrants are illegally there), its use in context matters greatly. It's also worth noting that referring to foreigners as gaijin is becoming controversial: many videos exist on YouTube and elsewhere where opinions among the Japanese are split as to whether or not gaijin is derogatory versus other ways to describe a foreigner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natta Lmo View Post
    do u think they are harmless words or u think they are bad words to use?
    Words are just words. It's all about how you use them. Are these words spat out with vile and hate? Or are they just used matter-of-fact?

    When I grew up, one such word in Norway was "pakkis". It is nothing more than a shorthand of "pakistani"; a person from Pakistan. The norwegian language frequently uses similar shortenings of other origins ("siddis" -> person from the town of Stavanger, etc). There isn't really anything special about having a similar word for a person from Pakistan. However, it is all about how it was used.

    Some words get so tainted that they only get used by hatemongers. People who don't want to be associated with hatemongers, don't use them. "Pakkis" was very much tainted in this manner, quickly turning into a word you only heard in the same sentence as the words "damned" or "fucking" and "go back to your own country". It became an insult. It because derogatory. It became something only used by open racists, and anyone who didn't want to be associated with that crew, ie most everyone, didn't use the word ever again.

    It really wasn't a "bad word" in the very beginning. But that doesn't change the fact that it ended up as one. And so the word died. Nobody uses the word today. The open racists tend to use the word "muslim" instead now to avoid the social stigma. Though usually still in the same sentence as "damned" or "fucking" and "go back to your own country", so much good that linguistic switch does them.
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