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    i didnt misspell..

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    i read and respond to people...
    U did

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    do u think they are harmless words or u think they are bad words to use?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    I want you to explain how it's derogatory to call a foreigner, a foreigner.
    It is easy to explain.

    From Natta Lmo I wouldn't feel as if I were being called a derogatory name.

    From you I would.

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    America, F*** yeah.
    ... They're words for "foreigner" which I mean makes a lot of sense that countries have a word for "people who are not from here".
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    Oh man, the snowflake level of this post is quite chilly. Its not like Europe has gone onto every country on this planet and killed people so they can stake their claim. Now those same people call you a foreigner and your feelings are hurt... Like dude...
    Which people that did this are complaining their feelings are hurt, can you name one person that did that and now is complaining?

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