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    Talking about approaching a problem from the wrong angle...

    This thread makes a prime example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    2. if the ilvl of the group exceeds a maximum, that pug heroic does not count towards the 5.
    So if im understanding this correctly. If you happen to get into a group that is completing their 5 dungeons of the week but all 5 of them exceed the ilvl granted by said dungeon, it won't count towards the 5 cap?

    Please go back to the drawing board.

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    why is this thread even still a thing? the idea behind it is absolutely ridiculous and will never ever happen, so why are we even debating it

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    just use your own key and be the person you want others to be. And those who are assholes/toxic, just ignore them and move on.

    You want a good community? lead by example.

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    Well, honestly did not read more than that I'd be forced to do some HC dungeons via LFG-tool, just because (Insert the Wall of Text-reasons here).

    No way.
    I think this idea was/is a little silly

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    This is an absolutely horrible idea. We should be focusing on removing sharding/crossrealm/lfr style shit and enforcing the idea of community driven groups, raids, and events. Not forcing people to leave communities and queue with random people to do redundant worthless content just so they can go back to the content they actually enjoy. This idea helps absolutely no one. It would only breed more negativity between casual players and hardcore players.
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    Ahaha, this is precious. OP git gud.

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    How about just avoid M+? You get welfare gear. Good gear for essentially free. Nothing special there that you'll miss. The M+ community is full of some of the worst players I've ever seen in my 8+ years of playing this game. IE: Half the people in this thread.

    I just avoid M+ altogether. The people in it can't even be considered people. They're less than animals. They're the ones responsible for the state of the game right now. Bunch of fuckin LFR heroes and nothing more.

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    Worse idea that I've ever seen.
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    The Brexit of M+

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    Yeah man, mandatory community service always makes the game more friendly and won't result in any toxicity. LFR is a great example of this.

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    And people wonder why devs stopped taking advice from the playerbase.

    This has to the single dumbest suggestion ive ever read ever on this forum.

    Go buy carries if u wanna be carried, or just get better so maybe you ( OP ) can also enjoy M+ and mythic raiding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    M+ is cancerous and disgusting. It encourages people to not help new players and instead form exclusive / community / friends lists. The game needs a fix. Get people OUT of their exclusive communities and helping others. Helping others is KEY to a thriving MMO. So we can START with this.

    Run M+ and raids all you want. HOWEVER, in order for your toon to qualify for m+ / raid drops for the week:

    1. they MUST soloqueue and complete something like 5x pug heroic dungeons in dungeon finder during the previous week.
    2. if the ilvl of the group exceeds a maximum, that pug heroic does not count towards the 5.
    3. Cheaters are told in advance that if caught, their cap goes to 10 for the rest of the expansion. Don't even THINK about creative use of game mechanics to get around this. If you think you're gonna do it at the end of the xpac, it'll extend to the next one too.

    I think this would be a START to see if we can get people to help others more. If it fails, more extreme measures will be taken.

    Pretty simple. Help people. Contribute to the community. Or no gear.

    Why do this? because people insist upon using that cancer, which just excludes helping low ilvl players. We need a fix to, so this is it.

    Do you honestly think you are not utterly self-entitled and looking to skip the grind that we've all been through by getting players with high scores who run 20+ keys for sports to get into your +10 and carry you for no benefit whatsoever. And then do it again for the remaining 3 million players who aren't at his level yet?

    You do realize that literally every single person, every single season, starts at exactly 0 (zero) score. And surprisingly, most of the players from 1k score to around 3k are solo queue heroes who don't consistently run with a premade.

    The better fix for your situation, and the other 500 threads such as this one, is to take a deep breath, pick a quiet spot and do some brainstorming - how can they do it but you can't?
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    or they could just add incentive to rnun lower keys like you had in legion with high AP

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