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    Not necessarily.

    The painting is on the wall. Open your eyes.
    Then provide actual arguments. You know, the way discussion is supposed to go.

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    Lest we forget that Jaina had her staff beefed up with lightning from a Titan Watcher wayyyy back in MoP before she went off-screen. That staff alone should be Doomhammer level for Mages.
    She had her staff beefed up with wrong rumors and nothing else. Jaina had the player drain the room of Lei Shen incorrectly thinking that Lei Shen's source of power was in the palace. But it was the other way around, Lei Shen was powering up the palace and his power came from what he stole from Ra-Den.
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    Does the CIA pay you for your bullshit or are you just bootlicking in your free time?
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    I'm quite tired of people who dislike something/disagree with something while attacking/insulting anyone that disagrees. Its as if at some point, people forgot how opinions work.

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    Yepp but he is a human, a dead one but still. And its disturbing. The story would feel fresher if they could introduce New characters with power. Talanji was a pleasant surprise for me, to be honest.
    Remember MoP? Remember all the posts saying "this isn't real WoW" or "this doesn't belong in WoW" because it was brand new lore without any connection to the RTS games?

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    They stand in portal room.

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    I even like this idea, but that would cause mess in leveling storyline, again. Also, it is hard to write so much new characters at once. Blizzard would need more writers.

    - - - Updated - - -

    No, Blizzard wants her to be good. They said that on Blizzcon 2017. She is neither a dreadlord or hentai lover.
    Its true it could be work, but if they just function as a helper for most questlines like a follower they'd only need a handful of new quests that could even scale to 120, for each class like heritage armor quests and use the quips/talking about stuff as most of the background building, i think two comments per "zone" one for if a target as killed by a critical hit of theirs/ours an aoe "shout" when using aoe on 3+ mobs and maybe some dialogue for well known quest lines or something, could be interesting if each follower had a prefered leveling path/areas to quest in.
    Make sure if you still play your voice is heard if it matters to you, Mine wasn't.'t...ectable/mounts
    BFA is another failure on Blizzard for leaving out information yet again despite promising communication with players while Azerite armor is an unfun system forced onto us to keep us grinding.

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