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    pvp burst as enhance

    I have been reading icy veins for pvping. Elemental makes sense to me but enhance looks weird since there are so many options for bursting. How do you score a kill as enhance? what's your rotation when using ascendance?

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    Honestly I feel Enh burst is super random. If the stars and planets align I feel you can definitely do some damage. The problem is, least my time messing with Enh this expansion so far, has been really hit or miss. At the end of the day, regardless of spec, you're going to have to pray to what ever Gods you follow for everything to proc.

    Honestly I feel the only reason why Ele is up there is because of Igneous Potential. I will say doing arenas with some buddies, Ele right now feels like a cake walk to PvP with versus Enh.
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    I’ve played enhancement forever, I’ve switched to elemental. Enhancement damage is in the hands of the gods, at least with elemental you can apply more stacks of flame shock to make lava surge prod more. Also you can hold on to all that wonderful maelstrom for insane earth shock bursts.

    Go elemental, ditch enhance till they decide to do some quality of life changes.

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    Earthen spike then spam storm strike. Or ascendance then spam wind strike. Purge enemy buffs and fish for landslide procs while storm strike is down. Throw in sundering. Profit.

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    Enha is shit in PvP, every other melee is better than this crap.

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    Enhance is a melee that can't constantly sit in melee and needs to kite. There's a reason it has a toolkit that also has some range to it. Or that ghost wolf can self-heal as you run. If you just try to sit on other melee, you will get mongo'd. But once you figure out the nuances of enhance (when to heal, when to kite, when to bait cds) its a lot of fun. As far as burst goes, its mostly about hoping for stormstrike procs during earthen spike's uptime. Or ascendance during the same thing.
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    you just mash stormstrike 24/7 with ride the lightening you can sit on like 14k sustained dps in 3s easily.

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