Hi all!

I wanted to share my UI with the community. I'm a UX/UI designer by trade and have always had an affinity for creating my own UIs. I am always tinkering with my UI and how to better optimize it for PVE and PVP. Just as a disclaimer, I currently do not PvP as I have in the past. My focus is building a clean, minimal, and informative interface for my Demon Hunter for both Havoc and Vengeance that is focused for raiding/mythic+ and PVE content.

The goal I set to achieve with my latest UI design is to remove the need for Action Bars and leverage custom made WeakAuras to provide the information needed. Sometimes, removing Action Bars are not desired and they are hidden using the Global Fade. My action bars are located above the DataText at the center bottom of the screen and will appear when game mechanics require you to use a vehicle or change your action bars.

You'll notice some thin bars just below my character. These are explained in the 3rd image. I made these to help me quickly see how long my META up-time is, immolation aura up-time, and eye beam/cast bar active status. There is also a thin white line, hard to screenshot, showing the GCD after each action press and when the GCD is reset. I'm no master with WA and hoping to get some help from experienced users to improve my auras