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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    Make one, sounds like it could be a decent thread.
    Maybe such a thread could be kept alive by big collectors? I only got one figure, n after its cost + delivery, hard to want a collection going...

    Wanted a conan one or maybe or some dinosaur too

    I checked out sideshow's figures n the prices are too much today...
    That Grom one is neat but expensive..
    I mean it's the double price at least of the red sonja one...

    I'd love to make a thread about figures, but how to prevent mod to lock it if it hasn't been posted in a while?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    Make one, sounds like it could be a decent thread.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I saw a video review about the Sylvanas statue and was shocked when the guy did a close-up and there was a visible chip/unpainted bit near her ear and the guy reported that he accidentally broke a couple of the arrows because they were so fragile. Completely turned me off from future statues from Blizzard. can see the unfinished area in near the left ear in the 4:10 mark.
    Not seeing the chipped part, but it I can agree with the guy in the video, it definitely looks delicate. I'd definitely have concerns regarding shipping.

    Also these statues have the bad habit of coming with varying degrees of quality, which makes this a quite frustrating and expensive hobby I guess. I only have 3 from some game CEs but I follow the market a bit out of curiosity. I'm still pissed that the one from my skyrim CE came with alduin badly assembled (it's apparently a multi part mold which they glue together) to the point that he won't properly fit the stand. One of these days I will need to carefully go in there and dissolve the glue and assemble it properly..

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