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    this expansion has had a lot of gold sinks though and there is not so much to earn, every serious goblin can agree on that

    but i feel like OP's guild just half asses boosts and doesnt do them on a regular basis. you'll run out of gold that way. also what a lot of guilds do is selling BoE's. they go for a nice sum still. basically what you already said
    This expansion has had many unnecesary gold sinks. The only useful one is the AH mount and still that's not mandatory. I was also referring to a guild's bank, not the personal finances of players themselves. Also, referring to the current raid, any proper guild can sell the first 4 bosses on Mythic for example. There are enough people that will pay for that. Even if you take 1 person that pays (let's say the lowest would be 400-500k for the first 4 bosses) on bosses that you faceroll anyways, just from that sell you can fund your whole week of raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    I dunno about the cost of raiding, but m+ is massive drain. If I go by last weeks affixes (equivalent to mythic progress due to highest keys being done on easiest affixes):

    Current prices, Silvermoon, Undermine Journal, per run:

    1x Feast = 984g (in reality this is much higher as we burn 3-4 fish feasts per run to also switch to versatility when necessary)
    5x Flask - avg. 300g, = 1500g
    15x Pot per person - 75 pots - avg. 140g = 10500g
    5x Rune = 263g
    1x Scroll buff = 245g

    Total = approx. 13492g per run. Last week we completed 32 runs = 431.7k gold.

    And this excludes raiding/repair costs. And we played a bit casual not blasting every day/hour of the week. And while Mythic raiding has an end (farm status), the m+ costs are always incurred as in raiding you waste less potions when you are on farm, you dont really rune for farm bosses and flasks/feasts are provided by gbanks (mostly).
    What? You use runes and pot every pack? For a kewl score? That is mental really.

    If you look at it from another point of view, if u boost a +10 you get gold to fund a whole day of crazy +35 dungeons (i kid!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    Total = approx. 13492g per run. Last week we completed 32 runs = 431.7k gold.
    Don't worry, I "ran" 500 raids last weeks. Its a Massive drain to pot and feast and everything on every single LFR pull, trashes included. Oh wait, thats just tryharding which is completely optional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibalus View Post
    I don't understand how people that do full on hardcore content COMPLAIN that the content is too hardcore. Every little piece of content that makes the game harder should be a reason for joy, because you are willing to do it and others are not so they will fall behind.
    Only problem starts when the group of "others that will not" grows so big you literally can't fill your raid team anymore. It's been a struggle since Legion, because the burdens incurred on "hardcore" playerbase are bigger and bigger so more and more people just peace out.

    Another problem is not every person is willing to grind everything. I know a guy who grinded ap / islands like mad but is literally dirt poor gold wise because all his "hardcoredness" was focused on island farming. It's really hard to find people who will tick all the boxes.

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