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  • Pizza

    16 5.73%
  • Tacos

    147 52.69%
  • Fried Chicken

    92 32.97%
  • Burgers

    24 8.60%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyraynor View Post
    Everyone who voted tacos is going to hell.
    good then i can get it on with some hot succubi.
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    Pizza, because if I'm craving sauce and cheese I can eat any other Italian dish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitedragon View Post
    And they are easily replaced by Burritos
    Indeed, Burritos are the far superior option and even then I hardly eat Burritos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    Yeah but they're almost always beef. I know sometimes people make them with other meats/fake vegan beef but I've never really had a proper chance to try a really good one that wasn't beef.
    Chicken burgers can be really good. As can fish burgers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Tacos are nasty. They’re messy, get soggy fast, I hate lettuce eww.. and more stuff. I hate Taco Bell too
    You are doing it wrong then. Correctly made its one of the best tasting and easy to eat foods ever. Im FLABBERGASTED that so many people voted Tacos.
    Im guessing the concept of Tacos here in Sweden is different from the rest of the world... tacos here are insanely epic! The ones you do at home that is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girighet View Post
    Chicken burgers can be really good. As can fish burgers.
    Indeed! I would even go on record to say that freshly made chicken and fish burgers from McDonalds are really tasty. It needs to be 100% fresh tho.

    Im starting to wonder if tacos here in sweden is completely different from tacos in the rest of the world?
    It must be because it doesnt make sense that people would choose fried chicken over tacos...
    Especially considering the fact that fried chicken can be an ingredient in hamburgers, pizzas and tacos.

    Fried chicken, even though its delicious, is basically just an ingredient and not a complete meal as the other alternatives...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    You realize that there are other kinds of tacos... right? They most assuredly are served all over mexico, just in soft tortillas..
    If you are gonna reply to me at least be up to date I already mentioned what you said in an earlier post
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    I don’t eat no tacos lol.

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    Tacos - absolutely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelgren View Post
    Fried chicken goes. There simply too much variation you can have with burgers, pizza and tacos. Cant pass that up.

    Fried chicken is good but it gets boring fast.
    That depends though. Does he mean that specific type of fried chicken (Country fried / Southern style AKA KFC / Popeyes etc) or does he mean ALL forms of fried chicken: So no more chicken tenders, no more chicken wings (if breaded), a fairly large quantity of asian dishes (cause they use breaded and fried chicken in them), etc?

    As well, you would also have to account for the fact that it is entirely possible to get about 95% of the "fried chicken" thing done by baking, which opens up a whole other angle of consideration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post
    I agree, more fun. Oh well!
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    I voted tacos because hard flat bread vs the other options its pretty obvious which is the dud.
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    I'll keep the Pizza, the rest I don't care about.
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    Tacos is the way easy choice because there are way too many foods that are pretty much identical to them save for the name.

    "Oh, this isn't a taco, it's a burrito!" "Nope, this one is just a fajita!"

    Now if you're eliminating everything similar as well, the choice gets a bit harder.

    Pizza and burgers are safe; they just have way too many different options to eliminate.

    If fried chicken means more than just "fried chicken like KFC" and extends to things like breaded chicken strips, nuggets, wings, schnitzel, Indian style, Korean BBQ style, etc. then that becomes safe too and the taco bites the big one.

    If fried chicken just means KFC style fried chicken though, Fried chicken goes and tacos stay, I'd rather not lose the variety.

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    Since i've never eaten a taco i guess i can live fine without them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    Tacos are a dumb American invention so get rid of those
    Maybe those Taco Bell ones or Del Taco. But they predated the Spanish in the Americas. Or did you man Americans as people from N. and S. Mexico?

    Fried chicken. As there is more ways to cook chicken than fry it.

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    i love tacos, but out of all those options they are the most annoying to eat. i like hard shells, so when i bite into them i have to bite lightly or else the whole goddamn shell crumbles. the meat juice drips out of the back. you have to dice up veggies and shit to put on tacos instead of just chopping them for a burger or to put on pizza.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    Tacos are nasty. They’re messy, get soggy fast, I hate lettuce eww.. and more stuff. I hate Taco Bell too
    But... but... soft tacos, man. They’re sooo good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    If you had to choose between Pizza, Tacos, Fried Chicken, and Burgers which one would you erase from existence forever?
    Tacos, hands down. I'll just get burritos when I feel like them.

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    Tacos because as has been mentioned I can still have burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and all that, which is what I normally get anyway over tacos.

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