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    Ok, the idea of legiondaries was quiete terrible, ppl complained A LOT. Seems some of you forgot it. Gearing is enought meaningless right now to get another slot covered by a legendary completing an emisary quest. If legendaries were only powers you could collect and unlock and choose 2 of your collection, similar to pvp talents, maybe that would work better.

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    Just bring back major glyphs; that's what Legendaries were anyway.

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    the legendary questlines in mop/wod were terrible, oh boy farming 20 mats in lfr to feel powerful

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    Legendaries sure.

    Legiondaries, fuck no.

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    Hell no...
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    Please don't even think about reintroducing Legion legendaries. Running EN/NH to build bad luck protection was a very artificial way (and dishonest in some sense) to keep people doing older raids. Grinding legiondaries was tedious, boring, not interesting nor challenging in any shape or form (like the nethershard and the relinquished items, Legion sure had some atrocious RNG grinds).

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    Yeah but not so many for every class... 1-2 per class (not spec) tops. And balance the class without them in mind. And I don't think they should have any bad luck protection at all. Make them like older legendaries (glaives for example), but have more drop sources maybe, like emissary caches, end of M+ key or weekly M+ chest, 1st Warfront win etc. If you don't get it tough luck, not everyone had Glaives in TBC either, or Sulfuras/Thunderfury in vanilla, etc.

    The problems with Legiondaries were that they were too common, to the point that everyone had one; there were too many of them for each spec + a few common spec ones, and some of them sucked balls.

    Or, make some of the Azerite pieces Legendary and obtainable from the final raid(on all difficulties). But have them give you an actual gamechanging Azerite Power...

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    As a casual player Legiondaries were the greatest thing in the whole of Legion save the Mage Tower.

    Not having certain ones made the Mage Tower way harder in certain cases, but if you kept at it, you'd get the one you needed eventually. I'm sure that sucked for the raid or die crowd, but it was fab for everyone else.

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    Legendaries before Legion, yes.
    Legion's RNG based legendaries... hell NO

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    didnt like mop wod xpac questlines at all. boring, forced me to do content i really didnt like (all raids in mop wod i didnt like). as a returning player it felt miserable to do content in order to unlock dps and hidden bosses, legion iz cool
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    Like others said: only if targetable.

    Have a legendary token drop, let me decide which legendary I get. I'll still want to get them all for my class.

    So I can't say yes/no, 'coz there's a condition on yes

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    Quote Originally Posted by salate View Post
    didnt like mop wod xpac questlines at all. boring, forced me to do content i really didnt like (all raids in mop wod i didnt like). as a returning player it felt miserable to do content in order to unlock dps and hidden bosses, legion iz cool
    Nobody forced you to do anything. You chose to do it. I had 9 max class characters and they all raided. I hated the legendary quest so I only did it twice. Noone forced me to do anything. I chose the content. I have no sympathy for anyone who decides to take a break. Why should be put on the same level as others who have been playing though out the expansion. This is why legendaries are ruined. Self entitled players that demand the same thing even though they have no intention of working for it. I am fine with legendaries never coming back. I am also fine any legendary system they decide to do. If I really want one, I will work towards it just like everything else in the game.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Just to throw it up, thanks to legendaries some classes feel bad now because being a feature of Legion now that its remove, you can see how bad classes were designed... AND DONT BE FOOLED some legendaries from legion actually were how talents worked on WoD and before of that. Just take a look at how Avenger Shield worked on WoD then on legion you needed a Lego for to work like before and in BFA you need 2 azerite traits

    Now the legendaries that i actually want its the Weapon style Valanyr/Shadowmorne/Thundefury kind of one, that its really hard and difficult to get something to show off and be proud. Not something that becomes "you need that to raid, you need that to be usefull you need that to be invited" because be honest, many classes didnt work until they get the first itiniration of legos and the "use 2 legos now".

    Again. Legion legos are just "azerite traits/old talents", instead like the Pandaria xuen cape, now thats a true legendary, one with Wolverines claws, or the Fangs of the father or just the Thunderfury, those are actually TRUE LEGENDARIES

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    Legendaries were great. They were part of what made Ret playable in Legion. I'd like that style of legendary again.
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    I enjoyed Legion’s legendary system way more than MoP or WoD’s. It took way less time than running LFR every goddamn week for a few months and by 7.3.5 they’d fixed the RNG issues with them.

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    Legendaries for everyone =/= legendaries. By vanilla standards, legendaries = quest greens. xD

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    It certainly gave a reason to do certain content. Now there's no reason to ever set foot in lower content. (Unless you're still clinging to the LFR heroes in Mythic raid gear myth I suppose.) I'd take Legion legendaries and Artifact weapons back over Azerite and no reason to do anything outside of Mythic raiding.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxrokur View Post
    Agree with this, heck people have to roll with another character because after 2 legendaries, your chances for another one was literally zero.
    You know that didn't really happen right? Or rather it wasn't something that happened with any sort of frequency. I'm sure there are people that do all sorts of things, but we didn't do that as Mythic raiders. I saw lots of talk of us doing it, but we didn't. We didn't sit people because they didn't get the right legendaries, even Method didn't do that according to an interview with them after the first tier and they're a group that goes to great lengths for even small gains.

    I love the hyperbole about legendaries. "I'm a super hardcore player and I didn't get X legendary until Antorus!" - Even as a casual as long as you did your content every week (Not world tours, not an excessive amount of content, whatever you did for end game) you'd have all your spec legendaries before Nighthold was over, let alone Tomb, let alone Antorus. If you didn't have all your class legendaries by Antorus you were doing something horribly wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calfredd View Post
    I got the Emerald Dreamcatcher (Boomkin BiS)... near the end of Legion's last few months.
    my Spriest belt was my very last legendary.

    Fuck no not legion legendaries.

    any other version of the previous legendaries would be fine

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    YES PLEASE. Switching between a set of legendaries to adapt to scenarios brings more depth. Don't hate legendaries because the grinding was shit. The concept was great.

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    I personally enjoyed the randomness of legiondaries. They actually gave me a good reason to go back and do old content. Also, something with the quality of legendary should not be bought with a currency. It was fine at the end, but if they were to come back, I wouldn't want to see it as something I can just purchase. I'd like to see questlines come back, but ones like in WOTLK and Cata where only certain classes can aquire it.

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