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    Personally 2020
    Trump loses the 3 Blue Wall States and NC. Democratic Victory 304-233.
    Split Senate at 50/50 (Technical D control)
    House Large Democrat Majority

    Major Event Changer: Nasty Recession in 2020...Trump takes no action to mitigate which causes his downfall...

    Democrats hold all three branches but the senate is kept in check because of the 50/50 and conservative D will prevent any "extreme" issues being brought up even as show votes which could come from the house. Democrats also get to replace Ginsburg's seat. If Ginsburg is replaced by Trump there will be political capital to remove that justice due to the "Biden Rule" but that is my nightmare scenario and I don't think will happen in 2020.

    Trump simply loses these states because of his tariffs/destruction of the farming industry will effect those 60k who barely pushed him over the line. While the NC thing is 50/50 I think with recent gerrymandering issues and ongoing issues at the state level I feel like there will be strong down ballot there and will barely push NC back blue. More importantly I think there will be a nasty recession during this time that destroys his economic message so its all about immigration which the nation has no appetite during this period.

    Trump will not do anything stupid like declare himself dictator or other doomsday shenanigans people can think up. All he will act like leading up to the day is a spoiled child who got his toys taken away over twitter like election was rigged, ect. Democrats promise to "fix" anything he "broke" the past two years in regards to administration (ie federal agencies) so there will be a big push for hiring and fixing the government (which alone could be 4 years). On his way out the door Trump will try to blanket pardon basically all of his actions and all those who "fell on the sword" for him. Not on Inauguration day (not to overshadow the next president) but a few days later NY state will jump on Trump for state crimes and will try to make an example out of him. Trump will never go to jail but the damage is done and his company will be tarnished (I personally think the Trump Brand is defunct by 2030).

    While Republicans will point out how Democrats are attacking their "political opponents" with NY going after Trump Administration they will try to barely use his name thus beginning the "Great Recon". The Republicans will pretend that Trump ever existed and by 2025 you will wonder how Trump got elected because nobody will admit voting for him. The 2020 Congress, more important Senate, becomes an uneasy truce of cleaning up the Trump mess that he caused at the federal bureaucracy and working together to get us out of the 2020 recession and the approaching China cold war that Trump allowed to go unchecked during the current era. Both Sides extreme will cry for change but find out that the congress is more on Military modernization/rebuilding government functions and economic recession politics. All this does is further enrage the extremist on both sides.

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    if you listen to the Trumpies, it's going to be #Ivanka2024

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    If Trump wins then more socialism for the wealthy. If Bernie Sanders wins then socialism for the people. I bet this will sit well with people here.

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