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    Graceland threatens to move, even though it's a place

    Why are politicians so set on being stupid: Memphis Offers to Pay to Keep Graceland

    We've discussed cities giving tax breaks to corporations and sports teams, but here's a new one. Graceland, Elvis's former home and which is a place and not something that can move, threatened to go to Asia or the Middle East (somehow?) and the local politicians are giving in and are going to gift them nearly $200 million. The owner requesting this is a company that bought the estate in 2013, it's not the Presley family, so it's just another business taking advantage of a city afraid to decline.

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    What should have been done.... let's say Elvis was considered part of that area's history and thus heritage. The sale should have been written up that it was considered a national heritage and thus certain restrictions apply.

    I'm pretty certain if someone has enough money they could move Elvis his former home and recreate it elsewhere, don't the chinese even have their own eifeltower?

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