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    the only thing arms need imo - buffed by a large margin execute. Im ok with been middle/bottom of the pack through the fight, but i want f0ck1ng big juicy numbers in the end, i want ectually "execute" things, not to hit it wath rage ineffective mortal => go up in skada/racount/etc.

    legion - warriors fury and arms had cool executes, they were fun, now we have zero of them - fury filler and something with same icon as before arms. i want back the meaning of this button

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    I just wish arms execute was as responsive as fury execute instead of having a minor delay before hitting.

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    Arms redesign for BfA was the most shitty redesign i've ever experienced in this game. Arms from ToS was perfect (bar some number tuning, because the set was op af).
    The new one is just pure garbage, the artifact's synergy with CS procs is what i miss the most. The new mastery sucks, a permanent dot that deals 15-20% of the damage. It also kills your execute damage, execute is just a rend with a damage composition.

    Fury is really cool in my opinion, the only problem is that the talents are so set in stone favoring Rampage that you will never switch from them. Rampage is the big focus here, so everything else only exists to spam it. The real problem with fury is that you play a high stacks SPriest APM spec on melee range with zero dots, any downtime and your dps is gone.
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    I like arms. It isn't GCD locked, you have to pay attention to your rage and which targets have deep wounds on them. Crushing Assault procs crit for 80k+ and sweeping strikes is so good in 2 target cleave situations. I wish Warbreaker was baseline like it was in Legion but other than that arms is in a good spot rotation/feel wise imo.

    Maybe try it with more haste, the spec feels much different with high haste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangdingow View Post
    Crushing Assault procs crit for 80k+
    Bruh, either you high or you have way too many CA traits.

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    In BFA? To me Warrior's have always been clunky. Warrior's and Monks are the only two classes I can't stand because of this.

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