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    5329 played
    2680 won
    50.5% win rate

    Best winrate seems to be EotS with 607 played / 450 won

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    EU-Alliance on my Hunter
    287 played
    199 won

    Most wins on the new BG with 23 played and 22 won, followed by Warsong with 33 played and 29 won

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    NA-Alliance, almost all solo-queue, although it's not always random since I'll go specific for WSG from time to time.

    So that's 49.95% overall, best are IoC (69.77%) and AV (62.88%); worst are WG (1/6 20%) and SSM (28.30%); followed by BfG (41.38%), TP (41.59%), and DWG (41.67%).

    Quote Originally Posted by XMD7007 View Post
    10v10 BG can generate a maximum of 10 winners, but it can easily generate 15 or even more losers! Every player that leaves, doesn't matter if from the winning or losing side, is considered a loser. Winners are determined at the end of the match, and there you have it... it's maximum 10 winners, but meanwhile the BG generated extra losers through those who left the BG.

    Is this true about desertions being counted as losses ("played" but not "won")? I think that should be the case, but I'm not sure that it is. My assumption was that it didn't count a battleground as "played" by a character unless they were there for the end screen.
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    EU Alliance
    BGs played: 4172
    BGs won: 2353

    Bg won the most: WSG (530)
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    EU Alliance
    Just casual solo queue from my main char for PvE.

    My vanilla solo R10-11 chars got close to this in a few months and not years of playtime (EU Horde)
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    Mine are played 6054, Won 4763. All as an alliance hunter. My win rate is sky high thanks to me almost exclusively playing with my brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylorbro View Post
    Mine are played 6054, Won 4763. All as an alliance hunter. My win rate is sky high thanks to me almost exclusively playing with my brother.
    WoW dude, really nice job Deadly Duo you've got there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togabito View Post
    Plz specify EU or US / Horde or Alliance.

    Go to achievements > Statistics > PvP > Battlegrounds
    How many played and how many won?

    Here is my fresh Alliance character on Europe realms who leveled up by Battlegrounds and encounters a lot of Russian groups.
    I won less than 1/3 of the matches as Alliance EU
    (note: the majority of the matches were done while leveling up)

    EU Horde

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    EU-Horde Bloodelf Paladin

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    I dno how to post images w/o the imgur link.

    ( )

    6877 Bgs in total or something. Have more on other chars, but I didnt play them as much

    Anyway, my monk was pretty much only alliance because I wanted to farm conqueror/justicar on him like I did on my other chars.

    Horde from Vanilla to woltk and then alliance cata to wod. Didnt really play since then
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    On my historical main :

    EU - Played both Horde and Alliance
    1401/2031 = 68.9%

    On my fresh Shadowlands main :

    EU - Horde
    100/141 = 70.9%

    I never play objectives in random BGs, I'm just trying to kill everyone and have fun

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    EU-horde. Not subbed so not sure how to see overall winrate.

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    Having multiple characters of the same class sadly splits it a little , but here is my Dk:

    Around 63% Winrate 1447 Games

    My Druid I currently play:

    Around 60 % Winrate 709 Games

    Guess I should go back to DK^^

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    I am not solid in it my Won statistics around 25%.....))

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    Just a few Stats:

    Honor Level 200
    Warsong, Arathi, Eye of the Storm, Alterac, Ashran, Isle of Concest, Wintergrasp, Silverschard Mines,
    Temple of Kotmogu, Rated Battleground 2100 all done
    The Bloodfirsty

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    On my current character I have 390 played and 271 won, which is just over a 69% win rate. Honor level 225.

    Horde EU disc priest, being a (relatively experienced) healer seems to have a massive impact on capture the flag maps. I have over 80% win-rates in Twin Peaks and WSG and I mostly queue solo. My weakest BG is EOTS, with a 46% win rate.

    This character has been my main since late Legion, I have no idea what my overall statistics are. Which got me thinking, wouldn't it be awesome for there to be a built in account-wide statistics page?
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