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    Can Azerite Traits just swap with your spec please?

    I never feel like trying out any of the other specs, or even dealing with a off-spec tank or healer spec because you have to go to the main city hub, pay to swap the traits, then go do the thing, then come back and swap them again. I don't see how this is a good design choice in any meaningful way. I'd love to try tanking more on my main, but I don't want to deal with swapping traits, or carrying around extra armor pieces that I just forget what they're for. Bag clutter isn't fun to deal with, nor is it engaging or difficult gameplay. Weapons? Sure. In fact, it worked great in Legion because you'd switch specs and the artifact weapon would automatically swap without you having to do anything. That was great, why does this need to be more complicated than it has to be?

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    I know right? I hate it when I have to switch to Frost for Molten Core.= and all my Azerite Gear has Fire Traits. Geesh!

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    You've posted this in classic wow btw. And no, I believe that would be even worse than what it already is. Shouldn't be able to swap talents and have EVERYTHING swap..
    All you need to do is get 3 pieces of azerite gear per slot, it's not exactly a challenge

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    Wrong Forum to post this in.. This is for Classic WoW, i.e the level 60

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