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    How many friends do you have that you talk to and hang out with regularly?

    I only have like three or four at the moment. Not much, but good friends who I have known since high
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    I have only one best friend and I think that's enough for me

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    Zero total, don't have any humans I hang out with at all.

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    None. Will you be my friend, OP?

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    10. If counting family, about 30 ppl I see weekly

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    Like 4 or 5. And happy with this. I don't want a million friends, always being invited to shit and never have time to do my stuff? Fuck that. Having a bunch of friends sounds like a nightmare lol.

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    I have 5 friends I've know since middle and high school, and we usually hang out about 3 times a week.

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    I've had the same group of friends for about 15 years (since I was in college). I still have acquaintances and such outside that group, but those 6 people are my "close" friends.

    One I talk to regularly and usually try to meet for lunch once a week (when we both have time) because we work pretty close together. The rest of the group, we get together for occasions like birthdays or hang out for some occasions like New Year's Eve, Halloween, etc. And most everyone in that group is a gamer, so we're all on Steam and regularly chat there. And of course we all text each other "4 teh lulz" stuff like memes (or just chat about random topics) to help keep our sanity during the work day.

    I met all of my current friends in college. Most people I knew in grade school, I wouldn't even recognize anymore aside from one or two that I still talk to occasionally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabloholder View Post
    I only have like three or four at the moment. Not much, but good friends who I have known since high school
    Like 2 on a weekly basis that are like family, online a couple more that moved away that I have known since birth who are also like family. In adult life if you have a significant other there isn't a ton of extra time unfortunately unless you are rich.

    I also have no problem making friends for some reason.
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    I have 1 friend that I talk to every day and hang out with at least once a week or every other week, we've been friends for nearly 16 years now. When you've got a wife and kids, 1 good friend is enough really. As for online friends, 0 lol. I can't tell you how many supposed "adults only" guilds I've joined in hopes of some mature bants, only to find myself locked in a chat with a bunch of 19 year old college students still drooling over anime girls. It is what it is.

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    What constitutes the terms "regularly" and "hang out with?" I have IRL friends from the past that I play games with online while using vent once or twice a week, does that count as hanging out? I don't have any friends left in the immediate vicinity and have to drive 1.5+ hours to see them, so those friends and I generally get together once a month or so. I live in a rural area with a lot of country bumpkins with whom I have very few common interests, so I don't make much of an effort to make friends around here.
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    i have one friend.
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    1 good solid friend (i'm also in a serious relationship).

    It's difficult to have any more than that when you're an adult and work full time. Just don't have the time. It made sense to have lots of friends in grade school & college when you had few responsibilities outside classes/homework (which everyone else had too).

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    Around 20. Depends on how you define regularly though. Most of my friends I see every ~2weeks or so.

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    That I hang out with regularly? None. That I talk to regularly, 2. One is an ex, the other is my best friend, but she lives in Canada so while we talk often, we only hang out when I'm in Canada.
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    Does my girlfriend count?

    Besides her, I have one very good friend with whom I know I can spend 2 years not communicating and then hang out/help each other out when needed. However, we rarely ever see each other ever since the end of high school.

    Other than that, I have two good friends that I chat with almost daily, there is sadly a few thousand kilometers between us.

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    One that I see regularly, another six that I only see sometimes because they live in other cities, and another two that are online only. The only person I still talk to from middle/high school is the one I see regularly. There's a couple people from back then I'd like to get back in touch with, but haven't so far. I'm also really good friends with one of my cousins, if you count that.

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    I am Murloc!
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    I'm extremely introverted so being around my wife and kids takes up all the desire I have to be around other people. If I'm not with them I'm more than happy just being alone and doing my own thing.

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    None I think. I mean I socialize with people at work, but only at work. Then I have a place I go to for gaming (boardgames or roleplaying), but other than that I don't hang out with anyone.

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    I have a lot of work friends that I have lunch with throughout the week, when time and work permit. Weekends or outside of work though, maybe 3 people, not including my wife and kids.

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