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    [CLASSIC] <RNG> Early recruitment for Alliance PvE raiding (EU-PvP)

    RNG is a group of competitive players that have played seriously from Vanilla through Legion, in Vanilla we cleared half of Naxx and this time we aim to complete the job. We plan on keeping a serious but sensible attitude towards Classic therefore we will raid 3 days a week, 3 hours per raid during progress. This may seem inadequate to clear the content in good time, but we plan on playing smart rather than just brute forcing content. We are looking for dedicated people that aim to raid in Classic but are either unable, or are unwilling to spend 5 days+ a week 4 hours at a time in order to do it.

    Classic will be a marathon not a sprint, we do not require you to have raided Vanilla before, we just want you to be capable of learning quickly and having a strong commitment to raiding. We aim to be a social guild and there is no expectation/requirement on levelling speed. Clearly it’s in everyone’s interest we get lots of 60s quickly, but we feel enjoying levelling and not feeling pressured is very important.

    Our minimum requirements to be part of the raiding team are:-
    • You are a considerate, sociable and a team orientated player
    • You want to raid and you can commit to 3 days, 3 hours per raid (most likely Wed/Sun/Tue 20:00-23:00)
    • You have a desire to play to a high standard and are willing to research appropriately
    • With such limited raiding time, we will expect you to be prepared for the encounters both in terms of consumables and strategy
    • Willingness to build a positive reputation in the community

    What we offer:-
    • Experienced Vanilla Guild and raid Management
    • Mature, calm and friendly atmosphere, no flaming people for mistakes
    • Sociable, non-elitist attitude towards guild members and others in the community
    • A opportunity to see the raids in Classic without the commitment requirements of a hardcore guild

    If this resonates then check out our website and discord:-

    At present we are interested in all classes, we would also be interested in people looking to help contribute to the running of the guild, don’t be afraid to join on Discord to chat more, whilst things are fairly quiet at present it will ramp up significantly when a release date is announced.

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    Snook here forgot to mention that there will also be some organised PvP, though nothing too serious to start off with.
    We do like our battlegrounds and have fond memories of world pvp that we hope others also had that want to join us.

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    Idd, PvE will remain the priority but no doubt we will have a team for PvP.

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    I like what i'm reading here. I myself started WoW in Beta and have the best memories of my sulfuras or asscandy wielding warrior.
    As i am really looking forward to maining rogue this time around i am looking for a nice guild to clear content with.
    However i cannot commit to 3 raidnights per week. Is there a way people who can raid 2x/week can also get a spot on the roster?

    Valheru - Shattered Hand EU

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    The 3 days will not be a strict rule, we would love people to be able to make all 3 raids but it wouldn't be a problem if not.

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    Could definitely use some Palas and priests!

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    And some mages

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    Updated recruitment status:-
    Paladins: Medium
    Rogues: Low
    Priests: Medium
    Mages: High
    Hunters: Low
    Warriors: Medium
    Warlocks: Medium
    Druids: Low

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