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    [A][US-Doomhammer/Baelgun] <Old Gods> Recruiting Afternoon Raiders!

    [A][US][Baelgun-Doomhammer] <Old Gods> Normal/Heroic Weekday Afternoon Raiding Guild 6/9H looking for more 18+ members to join us. We are also open to cross realm raiders!

    We raid Tues/Wed from 1pm to 4pm PST (4pm-7pm EST) and are currently 8/8H Uldir (AotC) and 7/9H Battle of Dazar'alor.

    We are a life comes first guild that aims to improve by staying active and progressing while still having a good time with the game. We've gathered some experienced officers as our founding members and now we need more players to join us! Our goal is to continue to grow a tight knit community that that is focused on having fun with the game while still maintaining progress throughout end game content. We don't expect our members to make every raid when life gets in the way but when you are committed to a raid we ask you show up on time and prepared to down bosses (know the fights, know your role, flasks and food, etc).

    For more info or to join the guild add Zelphinius#1924, Arnstar#1405 or Adrokor#1696 on Bnet and we will get you started or answer any questions you might have. We are considering all candidates but are in need of just about any DPS plus a possible full time healer. If you are not ready to commit to raiding or just want to join the guild to run Mythic+'s or just hang out let us know. We are always looking for more friends to just have fun with.
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    Need those locks and wars!

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    7/9 now! Still open to all recruits

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    im not sure about transferring right at the moment but might be up for some cross realm raiding. any use for a brewmaster?

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    Lost some core folks to real life issues, space open for everything but tanks.

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