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  • Gilbin - has the goblin connection

    30 19.48%
  • Vulpera - cos they're cute and fuzzy

    124 80.52%
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    How about none of them? Small races suck and Goblins are the least popular race already. No thank you. Nobody would play them after 2 months anyways. Fuck that allied races BS.
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    Wow Kubaje, it seems you know whats everyone wants.

    I think that when Vulpera and Mechagnomes are for real, Azeroth will see alot of new small people running around in both factions.

    Lets see what the futures brings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post

    We'll see. There will be shitshow nonetheless, because:

    a) there is shitshow no matter what
    b) Vulpera/Mechagnome pair will piss some Alliance that they got "only" Gnomes
    c) Giblin/Mechagnome pair will piss some Horde becasue they expected Vulpera.
    d) all the replies in this thread from "I like Vulpera" "I hate furries" "both are shit" "they should be a regular race, not an allied" (why does that matter? - but I agree, allied races are cosmetic variations of existing races, Vulpera would be a Vulpera / Mechagnome pairing would not work..rather Vulpera / Sethris)...and so on.

    That said, I am no fan of Goblins and care less about that case, give Murlocs :P (I think they will be the ultimate neutral race in the x-pac after next or such, just before WoW is really ending )

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    if I see each of them runnin' 'round in the Orcrish city if Orgrimmar, I'd quit the game. bring in a race that is missing in the Horde, like Mok'Nathal or Ogres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    Because Ogres? There's only a single, isolated village of Mok'nathal in Outland, whereas Ogres already have 2 clans already allied with the Horde, not to mention the ones still on Outland and Draenor.

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    They aren't actively helping their own people, they've just been trying to kill the demons and if you got helped along the way, great. If you got killed because you were in the way, so be it. Illidan only helped the Horde and alliance forces break into Outland simply because it would weaken the demons and draw attention away from his own efforts.
    Their intention is to help their people by saving them from demons, their people didnt think their help was genuine cos they wielded fel powers.

    We kill all the nee blood elf demon hunter recruits in karabor/BT, the only demon hunters we see after in cata like Felwood and Blasted Lands are all trying to save people by stopping demons. This is similar to Illidans actions in Wc3, but his methods resulting in the destruction of a village was not welcomed understandable, tho for him, ot probably felt a necessary sacrifice to eliminate a bigger threat.

    Either way, it is predominantly a night elf thing and could have been an allied race, but if it was, I'm sure blizzard would have found an excuse for it to be horde, just like the nightborne.. because it's cool and they take cool alliance stuff to the horde instead of do cool horde races related stuff like Zandalari and Mok'nathal.

    Originally I would have put Draenei on the horde, but then I would have had the elves and undead as their own factions

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverFanNisseFrasse View Post
    I do believe we will get the Vulpera, there been so much animation put into them, they started as this avarage NPC race, then all of the sudden they got customsation option, eyes that move and not just painted on, few different animation than the regular goblin model that they where based off. And also adding a tail out of nowhere and animated it aswell is sort of a hint at it.

    And then there is the reason for them to join/lore around them, they are very, very much Core Horde material. Nomads,trying to survive this word, some of them are ferocious warriors. I am pretty sure they will become an Allied race or a Playable race for the Horde, not just sure when though.

    I do also hope for Mok'nathal, while they arn't really an Ogre, I do think Mok'nathal are cooler then the regular Ogre(People gonna skin me for that!). And as it already been mentioned in the thread, they could base it of Rexxar, which have the male KT model so they can keep reusing Rigs/Skeletons/Models. They would be different enough in the silhouette to not be mistaken for KT, also Belfs and Velfs doesn't have much silhouette different then their skin colors so it should be fine. And they are also sort of a Horde Core material. And it would sort of give the players the "ogre" they been wanting so much.

    But although I do hope for them so much, at the time the arn't much about them at all, unless Rexxar(or some one else) does something during 8.2 - 8.3 that will invite the rest of his people to the Horde, right now they are still chilling on Outland. So thats why I sadly think we won't get them, although I want them so darn badly!
    That's actually a very good idea.

    Mok'nathal would be great for the orc sub race in round 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    That's actually a very good idea.

    Mok'nathal would be great for the orc sub race in round 2.
    Ravenmoon, there isn't going to be a round 2. I believe you have been told this in the past. The reason we are getting so many Allied races now is that it is a.) the core feature of the expansion which introduced the system and b.) lorewise, the Alliance and the Horde are looking for allies.

    Ion specifically addressed whether Allied races would remain a BFA only system or be continued in future. He replied that the system would be used after BFA but far, far rarer than it is today, only where it makes sense as they don't want there to be too many options for the Alliance and Horde lest they lose their identities.

    Talking about a round 2, where Blizzard will begin again and begin adding in another five or six pairs of Allied races over an expansion cycle, is a nonsense. You are talking about them doing something they have explicitly said they aren't going to do and why they aren't going to do it.

    You will be lucky to get a new pair per expansion.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    "If you want to be a fair skinned, light haired, blue eyed elf...sorry, the horde is there waiting for you"

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    gilbin for alliance. hob goblin for horde and boglin for alliance. and goblin elves.
    hit & run posting lol

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    Hozens! Where is my throwing shit monkey warrior?

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    Quote Originally Posted by namecraft View Post
    and goblin elves.
    WRONG! goblin HIGH elves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danuel View Post
    Hozens! Where is my throwing shit monkey warrior?

    - - - Updated - - -

    WRONG! goblin HIGH elves!

    golbin elves love being high
    hit & run posting lol

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    If it has to be one of them, I'd prefer Vulpera. Can you imagine a Gilbin questing in a desert? They'd look really out of place once we're past Nazjatar. Kinda like DHs do in BfA, I guess.

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    Vulpera please, I wanna be a lil fuzzy fox woman. Also making some people upset that furries exist in the Horde is also a great bonus.
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    I saw almost zero goblins running around when I played last time. I don't think a water version of something that very few people find interesting would solve that "issue".

    Now if they made water gnomes, that would clearly be an amazing idea. Could call them gillygnomes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Originally I would have put Draenei on the horde
    Yes, I'm sure they'd love to ally themselves with the exact same people who drove them to near-extinction. Not the same race, the exact same people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    Remember two years ago when all people wanted was Dark Iron and Mag'har skins for the existing models? We get that, and more, and people still find reasons to complain about them being "super lazy."
    Maybe lazy isn't the right word. Greedy is better. No one was asking for these cosmetic options to be applied to a whole new race, that you'd be forced to either level from the beginning or shell out $60 for a boost or $25 for a race change (which is what Blizzard was banking on). Why wouldn't you just make those things customization options for EXISTING races? Obviously, because they can milk the playerbase even further with a low effort cash grab reskin presented as a new race instead of letting you have the customization options for free.

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    Doesn't really matter. Barely anyone would player either just like barely anyone plays normal goblins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    Doesn't really matter. Barely anyone would player either just like barely anyone plays normal goblins.
    For Gilbin, I agree. But I think Vulpera would become one of the most popular Horde races.

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    Blizzard would be dumb to choose Gilbins over Vulpera.

    If implemented, Vulpera would easily become one of the most popular races in the game.
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    Giblins are likely if they pull the mechagnomes as allied race, the backlash will be so massive and blizzard doesn't have the same trust or solid ground to stand compared to the beginning.
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