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From what I understand, you can now add water walking to the mounts you want by using an item you have to buy. The mounts that already have water walking (strider) will already have the item slotted, so they will be able to water walk without further modification.

This is what blizzard updated:
small clarification to our plans with Mount Equipment–
Hitting level 100 on one character will unlock this system. Once unlocked, the system will be available to all characters, and the equipment pieces themselves will require level 20. If your goal is to have waterwalking while leveling, you can just enable the waterwalking Mount Equipment (there will be one available via Anglers reputation that will be bind-on-account), and it’ll work exactly as before, with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water

Pretty sure that this is an account wide equipment slot and there is only one. so you cannot "pick and choose" which mounts have which item, its one or the other therefore you can slot the water walking to all your mounts, but if u ever wanted the other perks u would have to give up the water walking perk and then add it back later.

Some will cry that they are getting screwed out of water walking by having to choose but there are now options that never existed before so you can either continue to use your water walking, enjoy the new swap system, or complain about it.

For me it seems like a net gain, i can't stand having to use the water walking all the time in the world just for that purpose, but on other other hand i think id prefer if it was mount specific even if all of them were mostly set to water walking. if they create some interesting mount abilities id prefer not to have to constantly switch this account wide perk.