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    Right now, what spec would you advise for casual content ?

    I'm trying to push right now, as modest content, the Brawling Guild, and I'm trying to improve in PVP.

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    Frost without a doubt. The PvP talent deep shatter is an enormous dps increase against anything that can be rooted with frostbite complementing it perfectly, but is also a huge dps increase just shattering flurries against things that can't be rooted. Fire and arcane don't get any talents even remotely as strong as that. Fire has a bit more self-healing potential and arcane can spend mana liberally and spam AE against low health mobs, but neither hold a candle to frost's single target damage. Frost also has frozen orb and blizzard to do some very good burst aoe for bigger pulls.

    Frost is really the only answer. Lonely winter, frozen touch, freezing rain, thermal void, deep shatter, frost bite, ice form has crazy synergy.

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