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    Movie Thanos hasn't been written to be very smart. He just comes across at the most powerful thug that slugged his way to the top so he has a bunch of very powerful allies that fear him. Oftentimes, that type of person is at least a little bit crazy. It suits him I think. To depict him as smart, maybe you'd show him creating special tech no one else has. (the gauntlet was created by Etrigg I believe, and Thanos just used thug tactics to convince him to make it).
    This is finally an argument I could give some ground to. I still disagree but it's possible they wanted him to just be a big dumb brute. It seems clear to me they wanted him to seem like a master strategist and genius though. A lot of the time he seems pretty clever and knowledgeable, it's mostly just his grand plan that doesn't make sense.

    I don't think it is explained by insanity though because that is really just from the writers being inept. I mean, they baked that into his origin story, they clearly think it makes sense and weren't trying to portray it as him just being dumb for thinking that.

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    How are people still discussing how a crazy person's plan has holes in it? He is called the MAD Titan(not for his temper) not the Reasonable Titan.
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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    The funny thing in that regard is that not only is the whole overpopulation thing rubbish if you look at it from the perspective of the whole universe, most of the marvel comics are also full of decrepit civilisations long past their prime. The assumption that all of them spiral out of control and use up the whole universe in a never-ending expansion is objectively wrong by what is shown in the lore of the marvel universe throughout all of it's iterations as well. Not to mention that there are threats like fucking Galactus out there that gobble up worlds and whole solar systems that are way bigger of a threat for the sustainability of the universe than a hand full of worlds that actually spread. That also ignoes the fact that stars burn out evenutally. The whole premise makes no sense if you look at it from a cosmic perspective. He will probably also have ruined some budding civilisations with his random factor, because some of them will probably have been hit by it as well, even though they were not in danger of overpopulation. Some species might have even actively controlled their population and were hit by it.

    Either way, the logic is heavily fawed. I guess the title mad titan does have it's roots somewhere though (still prefer being in love with Death).

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