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    Quote Originally Posted by Jastall View Post
    The cathedral was closed to the public for renovations according to French news, so this is either an incredibly unfortunate fire, or some really determined asshole.
    Or a safety failure from one of the construction workers.

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    Saw the news. Terrible to see, or even hear about.
    Stuff can be fixed, just get enough glue or duct tape!
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    Accusation and wild paranoia aside you know, that there was reparations in the part of the cathedral burst in flames KINDA gives a very probable cause, and it's not ''MOZLEMS'' even if Breitbart snaps their fingers and tell you it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    this is horrible, its such a beautiful building, such history. I just hope they can save it before more burns
    All that will be left is the stone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahtasher View Post
    It's hard atm to understand, even with French media, if this is a serious fire or a minor one
    Saw the vid on the news and by the looks of the flames it's pretty serious

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    BTW, next time the usual suspects moans ''don't accuse people at once'', remember that the usual suspects INSTANTLY accused ''DAH MUZLEMS'' when the fire is still going on. Their MAGAhats must give them SUPAH-DEDUKTIVE-POWERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctd12345 View Post
    go on then tell me what your 'pretty good idea' is. Why be a coward, just come out and say it.

    Maybe the french government is doing as a controlled demolition to make housing for more migrants!? Now that would be progressive.

    Why don't you tell me what you think I'm thinking!? We can make a game of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghotihook View Post
    Or a safety failure from one of the construction workers.
    Well sure, that was included in the unfortunate fire I listed.

    Not that the unknown has stopped some people from immediately assuming what best fit their agenda. C'mon guys, some decorum please.

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    Going to assume seeing all the scaffolding that this had something to do with ongoing construction. But i wouldn't be surprised if there was some terrorist link.

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    It's sad to see this house of God ablaze

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulcrusher View Post
    That's an awful lot of French churches on fire this year. There's so been a lot of attacks. 12 this week alone. Sure makes you think.
    Given that it could be due to renovations it really does make you think of all thoses construction worker attacks.

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    Seeing the comments that people have about these things is hilarious, and sad they hold the power to vote. "Why isn't there helicopters dumping water on it", etc.

    It's gone, there was never a chance of saving it. It's just going to be a stone shell left once all the combustibles burn.

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    Very sad..

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    Even as an atheist this is horrible. It's always sad to loose history. We have so much to learn from all of it, the good and the bad.
    Last time i was there was a few years ago with my wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero3 View Post
    It's sad to see this house of God ablaze
    I aint a believer but I always saw Notre-dame as more than just a house of god, it's a wonder, it's art, it's as important to France as the Eiffel Tower.
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    Glad I got to see it before it burns to the ground.
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    It is so sad to see this happen to such an important piece of history.

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    oh no, this is horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingoism View Post
    Reality can be hard to accept, I understand.
    What reality? You don’t know the cause of the fire your just making baseless guesses.

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