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    Easiest ranged classes to play well

    Looking for an alt to play. I’m a mage main looking for a ranged class that’s easy to play well. Anyone have like a top 3 list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirroo2241 View Post
    Looking for an alt to play. I’m a mage main looking for a ranged class that’s easy to play well. Anyone have like a top 3 list?
    from my experience:
    - bm hunter is incredibly easy to play and you can get a weakaura for the barbed shot buff to tell you when to press it which makes it even easier
    - affliction warlock has a relatively long and punishing opener but after that its very very easy imo (it also has a hectic aoe rotation so i dont suggest this spec if ur into m+)
    - elemental shaman isnt as easy as bm hunter but its not difficult and performs very well atm

    specs to avoid if you want something rly easy: demonology warlock (, shadow priest (fun but punishing if u mess up alot during voidform), and balance druid isnt exactly hard but to get the full use out of all its utility u rly need to know the class and encounters/pulls especially in m+

    hope this helped abit^^ i suggest created a trial character and messing around with it for any specs that intrigue you and see if u find the rotation intuitive and easy

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    BM hunter is pretty simple, and playing with a pet that actually tanks for you should be a welcome change. You also have free mobility, more than any other ranged spec. It's a really nice spec to play in a relaxing way.

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    1-BM Hunter.
    2-Ele Shaman

    Avoid locks, they are easy to play but all specs are burst based with no mobility. So needing to move during your burst window will just ruin your dps.

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    Beast Mastery spec, Hunter

    ...or this current expansion's iteration of Elemental spec, Shaman

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    I main Elemental shaman and once you get the hang of the priority list and at least 2 Igneous potential traits its VERY fluid imo with lots of things to cast on the move. 4 beefed up frost shocks from Icefury, Earthshock, Lava surge procs, Stormkeeper charges etc.
    theres also a ton of good guides out there on youtube and a very active discord / webpage! - join us!

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    No one has mentioned balanced druid ? Pretty easy Rdps. It's essentially keep dots up >starsurge > hit whichever of the 2 other buttons is shining otherwise spam solar wrath.
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    None of them have a meaningful learning curve really.

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    These kinds of threads are forbidden.

    To answer your question, destro warlock and bm hunter are both very easy. Realy though all the ranged classes are fairly easy to play.

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