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    Solo raid que

    I’m not a fan of lfr, but I do enjoy raiding. I don’t have the time available to do a 4-5 hour 2 days a week commitment, but I can play (for easy math) 1- 2 hours every day. Could blizzard implement a solo que for heroic, maybe mythic for raids that you could que just for a specific boss at a time, and just have some way to reduce drop rates so that the normal raid scene is still more viable for the hardcore raiders? And they could still make it so you have to clear boss 1 before going to boss 2 so you can’t cherry pick what you want to kill. Trying to look at an alternative for the player base that wants to get into groups and can’t because of multiple external factors.

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    You can just join an heroic pug for any boss you want with the raidfinder?

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    There are plenty of raids here on Spain that raid 2 hours 5 days; and i'm totally sure there are similar guilds around english servers too.

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    that's exactly what you use group finder for

    but maybe solve your timing management problem and dont play wow on certain days and add it up on other days? this will give you a better quality raiding experience for sure
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    The point of higher difficulty raids is to invest the time into it an unorganized group mashed together would never down bosses outside of lfr

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    I'm sorry you can't find the time 2 nights a week, but no. This game is antisocial enough already.

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    2 day a week "commitment".

    Please just accept you are not a raider and move on.

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