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    Because Darkness is a garbage raid utility and without Chaos Brand, DH would rely solely on overperforming in logs to ever be brought in?

    I mean, the fix is easy. Make Scribe consumables that can substitute the monk/DH buffs, like with any other buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    Now that the classes are generally settled into their places and there's been plenty of breathing room to adjust-

    I'm curious what the general opinion is here about the addition of Demon Hunters to WoW, and the changes the Warlock class has had. Are you happy with Warlocks are at, do you think Demon Hunters have taken away a lot of Warlock popularity, do you wish they would have their metamorphosis gameplay, or maybe you don't care about Demon Hunters in the slightest. I just want to see what Warlock players opinions are at on this class.
    Me as a lore person, it makes sense, we never should have gotten metamorph, it was a demon hunter thing, but with TBC passed and their chance of adding demonhunters gone, they gave us the spell feeling it might aswell fill the niche, and give demonolgy something cool while it sorta felt less cool just having a bigger pet...

    as a player? i do miss having the burst moments where you are able to charge in and deal some melee damage, aswell as powerful AoE, then eventually changed to be lots of powerful instant cast attacks, shadowcleave instead of shadowbolt, chaos wave instead of hand of guldan. and flinging soulfires like it was nothing.
    also the green fire meta... fucking so lovely, i also miss off tanking with apothesis. but the thing i miss THE MOST is the demonic leap, as it allowed a quick leap of movement, and with the meteor glyph, it allowed you to demonic leap off a cliff, and then fly down like a giant meteor and slam into the ground, taking damage but not dying

    it was the coolest fucking thing ever.

    overall i would want it back, but i feel its fine its not, hell my rp charecter was based around metamorph, how demonolgy warlocks became so connected to their demons they became demonic themselves, and could metamorph, my charecter has horns and wings that she hides with fel magic for sakes.
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    I don't miss the Meta-style of pre-Legion Demonology, but I'm not completely happy with the fantasy of the spec, either. It's miles better than Legion, yes, but it still hasn't hit the sweet spot it should hit - especially since it's a very niche fantasy they're trying to create - kind of unique in WoW. So unique they still haven't created UI-specific crap to keep count on the amount of demons summoned.

    About Demon Hunters... I was pissed at first because they were basically creating this super fanservice-y class that had and lost its chance. They were taking from a lot of other classes and offering nothing in return, as they were straight up removing shit and giving them to Demon Hunters - and I, to this day, still believe Warden would've been a better fit as a Hero Class in Legion (mail-wearing tank/dps? Yes, please).

    Do I think Demo needs more working? Yes, yes I do. Gameplay is kinda fun (infuriatingly dull when you have low haste, though), but it still isn't very engaging, and class fantasy isn't quite attractive, especially since we only really summon dreadstalkers and a shit-ton of imps...

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    I think overall DH is good for demo. It releases us from that niche and allows us to explore the themes we were always theoretically based on, control, summoning, portals, all that.
    That doesn't mean some fine tuning isn't in order. Better demons for one. Even if it's just HoG summoning random demons from a selection of weak types. Maybe some situation specific pets again such as a dedicated AoE dps pet(M+) and a ST one. A PvP one. We ironically feel very limited with the Felguard 99% being the correct option.
    We have a stun suite which works well with the concept of an army summoner/battlefield controller but an interrupt and tweaks to other battlefield control spells would be great such as buffs or talented buffs to Demonic Circle and/or Demonic Gateway.

    Aesthetically were also doing better with mounds of demons surrounding us and a distinct purple/green dynamic growing in our kit. Variety to the demons and lea ing into the colour scheme will only help. More portal action even if it's just spell effects to existent spells wouldn't hurt.

    Tldr: demo is conceptually, aesthetically, and gameplay-wise much better than before Demon Hunters with a distinct identity now. But there be room to grow and fully inhabit this identity.
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    They're greedy soulless monsters for not handing me everything for my 15 moneys a month!

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    It seems some people can't let a game just be a game and not get their sensitive feelings hurt on game decisions.
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