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    .. i cannot because i have to run 3 dungeons to be able to play that allied race. And i do not like dungeons.

    Why do alliance players have to play dungeons in the requirements, and horde dont have to run them for zandalari?

    Or let me rephrase it that way: Could we please have allied races without any need to play dungeons, raids or battlegrounds? Questing is quite able to tell every story needed to become able to play the races. It is way enough to gain reputations. And i wont really like to play any dungeons just to become able to play new races.
    You could've also just done these dungeons within 1 hour and be done with it... but it seems having discussions that lead to nowhere are more effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duselsteiner View Post
    No, sorry, i do not like dungeons. Way too linear content. I want to play in the open world. I only would play dungeons if i could do that with npcs.
    Then that is 100% your own problem. Some people don't like questing, should they be complaining that they have to quest to unlock things?
    Refusing to run a very small number of dungeons that would take you maybe 30-60 minutes tops doesn't entitle you to special treatment or consideration.
    Either run the dungeons to unlock the content you want access to, or continue to refuse to run the dungeons and accept the consequences of your CHOICE not to do them.

    Either way you slice it, you are owed absolutely nothing here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duselsteiner View Post
    No, i am just asking for allied races to be accessible to people who play no group content, as leveling can be done completely without group play. I do not ask to hand me over your precious mounts from mythic raids, while i do not really see how it is justified to create mount models for some small minority only. I ask blizzard to allow me to play my playstyle, which is solo questing, and allied races actually allow you to have more leveling content. Also, i do not want anything for free, but am fine with having allied races locked behind reputations, so i really would love to work for the reputation prerequisites.

    Beside that, the alliance prerequisites are a real insolence compared to what the horde has to do to get their allied race access. This game design is both unfair and locks gameplay content of questing and leveling behind group play, and should therefore be removed.
    You tell us here you dont do dungeons. Yet on twitter you tell us you do. Which is it? are you lying here or are you lying to us on twitter? Both cant be true.

    You claim you dont want anything for 'free'. Yet you continue to advocate for getting your KT unlock 'free' from having to fulfill the requirements. Looks like you want 'free' after all, dont you? There is no shame in wanting something for 'free'... the shame comes when you so blatantly lie about it.

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    I think this ran it's course a LONG time ago, so I'm going to close it now.
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