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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    Pea soup. It's awesome food and it's cheap. Win-win!

    You can make 5 liters of the soup for like 2e. 1e for the peas and 1e for some ham. If you eat a liter a day, you can eat it for five days.

    40 cents a day meal.

    Most Finns eat pea soup weekly - thursday is pea soup day! (it's an army standard as well)
    This one. That's also our "Oh shit we're out of money"-food. That or rice and some cheap meat.

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    Beans, cook them in a pressure cooker. Lentils are a substitute.
    Rice, cook them in a rice cooker.
    Eggs are cheap, like a $1.20 a dozen and a good source of protein.
    A 2lb block of Velveeta cheese so as to make cheese omelets.

    You'd be eating for less than $2 a day.

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    Ramen with a few eggs poached in the broth and sriracha sauce on top.

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    No idea to be honest. I never had to consider that honestly, I may have had lacked spare change to buy a sandwich during lunch break in uni (before they changed over to chargable student cards), but that was more a "i planned poorly" thing and mostly resulted in me buying the ones I could affort at that time and place. I didn't go anywhere to get cheap food specifically. I guess I would go for some instant noodles or something along those lines if I actually had to.

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    Soup, spaghetti, or rice with whatever spices and meats I have available.

    Otherwise mac n cheese or other instant noodle type thing.

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    Tomato soup! I lived off that shit and steamed sweet potatoes during one brutal semester.
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    Baby carrots and microwave burritos, plus the cheapest soda the grocery store has.

    If I'm working with a little more money than that but am still broke, then a Little Caeser's $5 pizza will feed you for a whole day.

    If I'm really, really broke, then rice with a little butter and sugar.

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    little caesars

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    Take some stale bread and put it in a frying pan with some olive oil and then rub some garlic on it and salt it. Tastes amazing

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    Rice and beans. You can toss pretty much anything on top. Hard to get cheaper than that if you buy the big bags, unless you want to live off of instant ramen which sounds deadly.

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    grilled cheese.
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    Ramen, it's cheap and when I was down on hard times it was there.....I hate it but it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pratt View Post
    Rice and beans. You can toss pretty much anything on top. Hard to get cheaper than that if you buy the big bags, unless you want to live off of instant ramen which sounds deadly.
    ^this too, only problem is the hellish amount of gas I receive after eating it

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    Besides the staples already mentioned like Totinos pizza and Ramen with egg, we would do egg salad sandwiches (hard boiled egg mashed with mayo and whatever condiments you prefer -relish, mustard,onions, sriracha- on white bread) as well as chili dogs ( buns, cheap hotdogs, small can of Wolf chili) Breakfast for Dinner is a nice way to change things up too: Pancakes, cheap breakfast meat, and eggs. If I knew then what I know now, green onion and cilantro are super cheap toppings that make anything nicer and feel fresher. You can make a crock pot of fresh chili for cheap too if you use the cheapest ground meat available and already own a cabinet of spices.

    I'm glad we are doing better now, my body can't handle all the carbs/salt from inexpensive eating anymore. It would have to be like.... eggs and chili all the time :x

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    Ramen Noodle with egg poached in the broth as it finishes cooking. Reduce amount of water for a saltier savory egg.

    <50c and packed with protein/flavor. Sub in some heavy cream add in your favorite vegetable and you got a soup goin. <75c a serving.

    Also If you are familiar with Tea Egg(century egg) you can sub tea for broth and create one of the most decadent snacks ever. It takes a little patience but man is it cheap.

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    couscous. I pretty much lived in that when I was at university lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Splenda View Post
    I'd say mine is italian herb mix + crappy bottled parm cheese + pasta (spaghetti usually) + butter.
    Wow I clicked on this thread basically to type the exact same thing hahaha
    Except in my case I use olive oil instead of butter, maybe a little balsamic vinegar for zing lol

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    The McGangbang:

    Take a McChicken and a McDouble and just put the McChicken between the 2 hamburger patties. Cheap and VERY filling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    I make ramen and in the water I add shredded cabbage, cilantro, 1/2 a tomato, some diced onion, and some sort of squash/zucchini to it along with any leftover meat or I'll cut up some slices of delimeat and throw in there before I add the noodles to it. Drain it because I don't like soupy ramen. Then to the noodles I add the seasoning pack and a small spoon of either mayo or butter. Not exactly healthy but then again ramen by itself isn't very healthy either but I am adding a little protein & veggies into the mix so my version is a little healthier.
    Dude...that's your poor meal? Holy shit. Do you take reservations?

    My poor meal's ramen, but I prefer to drain the noodles and add the packet in last, along with some butter and sriracha. It's not bad.

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    Fortunately never been that down on my luck, but I've still eaten plenty of spaghetti with butter and (if available) shredded cheese. Primarily because it's a very quick meal, but the price shouldn't be too bad either.
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    Ramen is my go too if i want to essentially pay 0$ for some calories

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