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    Question Riding your own pet in BM

    So I've been looking for it, but cannot seem to find it.

    I seem to recall that there was gonna be an option, once Hati is added back to the game, to be able to ride him.

    Is this only for Hati or for any pet.. and only for BM or any spec?

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    You get it through an item you purchase at the Temple of Storms. It's specifically for Hati only and therefore for Beastmasters only. You've gotta click on him after you apply the buff and I recommend purchasing a lot if you intend to make him your common ground mount.

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    Oh wow.. so it's not even a standard function.. just a consumable that's hati-only? Shame..

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    Its really niche tbh, while i love hati i dont really use it as a mount, way too wonky with my character clipping into hati and other weird visuals. its clearly a pet before a mount.

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    Can you still change Hati to look like your other pet? Because if so and the mount option works hello mechanical squirrel mount.

    Edit- Just did the questline and Essence Swapper no longer works,no mechanical squirrel mount for me. :/
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