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    Darkmoon Faire - Tickets are Free

    Making this thread to spread some love to the Darkmoon Faire.
    Dont know if you are aware but DF got a ton of updates.

    Main Attractions

    There is a concert every hour that is epic to watch with other people with an amazing guitar solo rift.
    No rewards there, the reward is the experience itself

    There is ANOTHER concert, this time with rewards called Blight Boar Concert
    -You can get a Helm transmog
    -A sweet electic guitar two handed mace transmog
    -A toy that starts a concert performance for everyone to hear.

    NOTE: After reading WoWHead it seems like you only have chance at this special loot ONCE per character. So login in all your alts.
    The concert starts at the half hour of every hour.
    This encounter has some of the hardest doing achievements i have ever seen that will challence any Mythic raider


    Moonfang Rewards:
    Moonfang Shroud
    Moonfang's Paw
    Shimmering Moonstone

    Erinys Rewards:
    Ring of Broken Promises


    I hope all of you to have fun in the next Darkmoon Faire.
    Tickets are free
    Have fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by marvinpresto12 View Post
    I dont believe in free tickets))
    Me neither. This is incredible! i hope you have fun on next Darkmoon.

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