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    Except without nano technology dead cells are not going to stop decaying. Give it like 50 more years.
    "In 50 years we will die from climate change" - average MMOC user.

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    "In 50 years we will die from climate change" - average MMOC user.
    I am talking about nano technology in general. Once we have 1 nanobot for each cell we will be able to do whatever we want if we don't get the grey goo scenario.
    “If you don't believe me that is too damn bad!”

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    The interesting part to me is where they don't appear to be sure that they CAN'T bring it all the way back. So much so that they had contingencies in place to shut down cells that got too active. If this work turns out to be vetted by the community and further expanded upon, at a minimum it turns current thinking regarding brain cell death on it's head. At a maximum, who knows what they could do with this avenue of research?

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    lol click bait article. GG fake news.
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    Close, but no cigar. The lesson is "Green Jesus knows the way, infidel."

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    A good breakthrough but misleading title.
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