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    A Skyrim Collectors edition (with all the expansion packs) + a shitload of mods and you could easily lose track of half a year or more without even completing the story. Game is fucking huge, and there is soo much shit to do.

    If you own a PS4, and are a kingdom hearts fan, you can get the "The Story So Far" collectors set, which gives you almost the complete set of 8 (or is it 9) games that take place before KH3, which is easily a good 3 to 4 months worth of stuff to play through for about the price of any normal single game.

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    Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.
    Divinity original sin 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoiD84 View Post
    Warhammer 2 Total War.
    ^ game contains hundred hours of fun

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    Just gonna echo witcher 3, it will keep you busy a long time and has great story which changes based on your choices that allows multiple different playthroughs if you liked it that much. Side quests are like main quests in that game if you compare to most games which have boring side quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruor View Post
    Celeste. Great platformer game. Its short, but very challenging.

    XCom Amazing turn based strategy game, I can't recommend it enough

    Moonlighter Super fun rogue-lite game which combines dungeon crawling and shop manager type game play.

    NieR Automata Hack and slash action adventure game with a very rich story and fun game play. The best part is the sound track. Easily one of the best i've ever heard. And the story will leave you questioning existence and humanity.

    Each of these games are available on multiple platforms, so it may not be necessary to purchase a new console to play them.
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    Depends a lot on your tastes in gaming, should describe what you enjoyed / what didn't. Seeing Fo2 on the list there I assume you'd enjoy similar stuff or maybe just upside-down RPGs in general? Go for Wasteland (I liked the game until third act (and seventy bags of cat liter(literally))), Divinity 2 (1 is good, 2 is just better). If you are in the mood for something slow w/ great atmosphere - FF15 is your friend. Check out Legends of Grimrock 1 and 2. Stuff resembling HoMM games - a rebooted King's Bounty + King's Bounty: Armored Princess. Fairly fun strategy games with a lot of hours under their collective belts. How about adding Kingdom Come: Deliverance to Skyrim? Really good game w/ real game time behind it.

    Among fighting games if you enjoy J-stuff and visual novels I'd advise downloading Blazblue series. As in getting them all right now could be quite pricey so go for some-girl repacks. They are fairly long and fun and to play. Also A real Must-Play is Ys: Origins

    As some pointed out WH:TW2 is a really great pick among strategies, everything you've mentioned also quite lengthy and good. Witcher and such is neat games too.

    Don't forget to grab action games! Shadow Warrior (second game is a bit like diablo though). Binary Domain is great fun. Tbh FPS is on decline ever since the focus shifted towards multi-player games. Makes me a sad panda not to have more stuff like SS or Timeshift.

    Also something that I've just recalled and if you've skipped - Shadow of War / Mordor. As is Monster Hunter: World, (while the main focus of the game is cooperative, you can hunt quite comfortably on your own as the latest installment in the series is quite lenient towards the players and there are some features that are nice to figure out on your own without the use of an online guide.)

    All of these are PC games which you can comfortably run from your laptop, albeit will need an external Drive in case you decide to bring them all.

    And if you go for a console, ps4... while it has many good games. Grabbing them right now would require you to cough up quite a lot of cash. Same with Nintendo (Even tho they've got a discount on their main titles going on right now, the discount themselves are a good joke to laugh about), though Zelda alone does worth the purchase of a console but if you are suddenly a person that doesn't enjoy free world exploration game with minimal in-game tips or navigation markers like it is common to see in modern copy / pasta than it will be money wasted.

    As for RDR2, watch it on youtube sometimes. It's a walking simulator with very minimal amount of gameplay features in it. If you are looking like me, looking for cool explosions. I'd advise to pass on the title, they are not here. Nothing is here, but a lot of empty dialogues and holding X button for hours.

    That's about what I can think of. I am sure I am missing quite a lot of other great titles, modern and somewhat outdated. Indies are all the rage now and as someone have said - being able to play them on the switch is a real boon to the console. Going through the white palace in Hollow Knight while riding in the subway is one of the best feelings. :P

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    Ori and the blind forest is another great one and so will the 2nd part coming out this year think rayman and metroid and castlevnia stlyle game 2d platformer.

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    Since you're already buying a Switch, here's a few good RPG's for that system:

    1. Xenoblade Chronicle's X2 - Absolutely huge game with a lot of side stories and potential for collection of new powers (blades). I put over 200 hours into this game.
    2. Octopath Traveler - Throw back style classic turn based RPG. It looks like an SNES game, but with really nice backdrops that almost look like a diorama.
    3. Ys VIII - Great combat system, most of the game takes place on a small island and building a community, but works toward a much bigger story.

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    I'm just scrolling through my Steam library and listing some of my single player favorites.

    - Amnesia (if you're into horror stuff)
    - Betrayer (not much replay value, but it's good for at least one playthrough and not expensive)
    - Borderlands 2 (can be played offline, I think)
    - Civilization 3 (none of the later ones worked for me, but I have an insane amount of time in Civ3)
    - The Escapists (there's also an Escapists 2, but I haven't gotten around to it yet)
    - Goat Simulator if you want some lulz
    - Hammerwatch
    - Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is fun if you're into tabletop stuff (you basically play tabletop D&D with AI characters)
    - The Long Dark (too hardcore on the survival elements for my taste, but you may like it if that's your thing)
    - Postal 2 is good for some lulz if you're not whiny/easily offended
    - Shadowrun Returns
    - Shadowrun Dragonfall
    - Shadowrun Hong Kong

    If you don't pick up anything else on my list, I highly recommend all three of the Shadowrun games. They're amazing single player RPGs. I have around 30 hours played on each one, closer to 40 in Hong Kong.
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    I'm gonna suggest Devil May Cry 5. Spectacle shooter. The con to it is that it's nr. 5, but it does include a 'the story so far' thing to catch people up to speed. The game is fun though.

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    The Total War series are pretty good if you are into grand scale strategy games.

    My favourite being Total War: Warhammer 2, that game has hundreds of hours worth of content, of course in order to get the utmost out of the game you do need to fork over some cash for all the dlc from both the first and second game in addition to also owning the first game, but even if you don't spend a dime beyond buying the 2nd game its still full of content.

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    Since you're buying a console, I'd heavily recommend a PS4, and pretty much all of the Sony first or second party exclusives this generation are great. God of War, Spider Man, Uncharted 4, Horizon, Detroit, etc.

    Not sure if you're looking for longer games, but you can also get FFX/X-2/12/7/9 for pretty cheap and dump over a thousand hours into them.

    Also, the new Resident Evil 2 remake is awesome. It's relatively short, but if you're reward motivated, I ran back through the game over 10-20 times trying to get S+ ranks on the hardest difficulty for each of the 4 campaigns.
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    Lots of great suggestions here. Keep in mind that if you want to play games that you can mod, you don't want PS4. Sony doesn't allow modders much to work with in terms of assets, and the download capacity is much less than what you get with xbone. On the other hand, if you want a larger selection of single player games, then PS4 is the way to go. Xbone doesn't get games like Spider Man, The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Detroit: Become Human.

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