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Thread: Made in the USA

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    Greece is small, and so doesn't produce the range of products larger countries do.

    However, I do usually try to buy Greek food items. Food in the US usually is pretty poor quality, in my opinion. America's take on feta is honestly usually garbage, as an example. I will, every few months, order some food items from a Greek import business. Namely Greek oregano. I read that altitude and soil affect the aroma of oregano, and I just find the Greek version a lot more aromatic than what I find here. I also prefer kalamata olives, but that's just a flavor issue. So if I can find Greek items, I do like to support those businesses, but it's usually not a lot out here in Seattle.
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    OK here's my caveat, Is it worth it to you to spend more for a locally owned business as opposed to a mega-chain.

    Ex. Buying a hammer for 6 dollars at the mom and pop hardware store or same hammer from wal-mart for 4 dollars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellhound View Post
    With the death of US made Craftsman, finding reasonably priced US made tools is no easy for sure.
    Yep and almost impossible for power tools. Unless you want to count "assembled in the US" as the same as made in the us. I caved in long ago and just use Milwaukee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    What farms do you get your produce from?
    Local Farmers Market
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    I generally buy based on quality. If that means something made here in the USA, awesome. If it means buying an imported good, also awesome. The meaningful difference is where you shop, not what you buy. I prefer locally-owned mom-and-pop businesses so the money stays flowing in the economy rather than be hoarded in offshore banks, where it doesn't do anyone any good. I'm fortunate in that I live in an area where there's a farmer's market, a butcher who gets his meat from local sources, delis and small grocery shops galore, and a family-owned nerdy-goods store (games, tabletop rulebooks, dice, and related paraphernalia and merch), so I can do all my shopping without compromising that 'keep it local' preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevername View Post
    OK here's my caveat, Is it worth it to you to spend more for a locally owned business as opposed to a mega-chain.

    Ex. Buying a hammer for 6 dollars at the mom and pop hardware store or same hammer from wal-mart for 4 dollars?
    I'll happily spend a couple more bucks at Joe Local's Auto Shop to get headlight bulbs versus hitting up Walmart, but again, I'm lucky in that I live in an area with a lot of locally-owned stores that haven't been driven under by chain retailers, and they keep their prices fair enough that I don't mind the little bit more it costs.
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    I try to purchase local as much as possible, even if it's more expensive (especially locally grown produce). There is a general breaking point, though, where I'll shop somewhere cheaper if the price difference is drastic.

    There are things that I cannot get local, though (bananas, oranges, etc) and I'll have no choice but to buy them "non-local", but I try to get US grown products where possible. It's not out of some bullshit sense of nationalism, it's more about keeping the locals employed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevername View Post
    OK here's my caveat, Is it worth it to you to spend more for a locally owned business as opposed to a mega-chain.

    Ex. Buying a hammer for 6 dollars at the mom and pop hardware store or same hammer from wal-mart for 4 dollars?
    Neither, I'd order it on Amazon.
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    I don’t particularly go out of my way to, but if offered both options, I’d pick the US one.
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    Stuff like food, for example? Yeah I like to buy local ones, also generally because they are better than the ones imported from half a world away. Might be biased because I am from a country mostly known for agriculture and not much else. But other things like electronics, well, most of the world do not make them, so I do not really have a choice, do I?

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    I answered no... for stuff like produce I'd buy local. But too many other things I would shop where quality was the highest. Electronics (I really like Samsung products), cars (I have a Hyundai, but Toyota and Honda are also top notch) and a few other things, I feel like foreign markets have us beat. *shrug* just my two cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghotihook View Post
    Totally off topic but are Saab and Volvos expensive there too like they are here in USA?
    I do not know about SAAB, But I can tell you that it is cheaper to go to Sweden and buy the Volvo from the factory and have it shipped back to the states than to pay sticker pricing from a dealer.

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    I’m a globalist. Idgaf about where shit is made. Even blood diamonds. I just don’t care.

    If there’s a market it’s going to happen one way or another.

    Whatever you buy has already been taxed (import tax)

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    Idc and don’t really look unless it’s clothes because the sizes tend to run much smaller when they’re from China and SKorea.
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    Couldn't care less. I buy stuff I find to be worth the price. I rarely even know what brand I buy when it comes to clothes.

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    Food? Sure.
    Other goods? Quite hard to get anything useful these days made in Germany. Cars is pretty much the only thing that is still a consumer good which is produced in large quantities in Germany, everything else is mostly industrial equipment and therfore not something I can actually aim for. Electronics are mostly made in Asia, and the few like Apple that are "made" in the west have their own slew of problems. That is before all the mislabeling and other tricks. Even for cars I would probably go for an asian one these days though, as I think the focus on luxury is wrong for most consumers and I personally don't care about a status symbol.

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    I try to buy local and American when I can, however buying American made comes with an American price. If a product is just as good but cheaper somewhere else, I am going to buy it..

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    I tend to stay away from anything Dutch, I tend to find it super overpriced and shitty quality most of the time. German? American and rest of Europe, apart from french cars: no problem!
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    Food for sure. Farmers markets and buying animals direct from the farm certainly tastes different. But there's only so much you can do with such a long winter for produce.
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    In America we believe in capitalism. So let the market decide!

    For cars I usually go for Japanese products, cant beat the reliability at the price point they offer.

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