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    Non Glimmer of Light?

    I really love holy paladin, though, Glimmer of Light isn't my style. Is there a build where I can go that's as good as that build? Different stats? Different trinkets? What traits to go?

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    You literally just play like before there was a Glimmer build.

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    stats: Intellect > Crit > Haste > Versa > Mastery

    traits: 1 Breaking Dawn > Grace of the Justicar > Treacherous Cov > Bonded Souls >Glimmer is still fine if none of the others are available followed by everything else. Icy veins has a good rating for everything if you're unsure. https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/holy-p...wers-and-armor

    Crusaders Might or Bestow Faith, up to you.
    Rule of Law
    Devo is better in most situations, use mercy to pad in heroic if you want I guess.
    Judgement of light
    Avenging Crusader
    Beacon of Faith

    ^standard Paladin
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    The standard paladin build above is still useful and is competitive to glimmer in some fights. It's also easier to gear because there's so much crit on plate gear.

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    As with any of these "I dont want to play the meta, am I still viable" threads, It all comes down to your ambition, you can always play with worse people then yourself and they will be happy to play with you none the less.

    For heroic raiding any spec is viable in the game, the standard paladin build can still grant you a few bosses in mythic, but will start to quickly get outpaced as your ilvl increases, the glimmer build just scales extremely well with haste.

    It essentially turned the old pala that was a tank focused healer, with weak raid potential and only reactionary healing cd's where you essentially had no control over where the healing went.

    In to a sustain raid healer, that can maintain constant healing over 8 targets and by ramping up with blood lust can more or less sustain a raid team by them selves.
    Which are skills that indefintly more usefull in BoD, since there are alot more raid wide healing then hard hitting tank mechanics.

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