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    32in 1440p monitor help

    I currently have a 27 inch Asus at 75hz, the PB277Q to be exact. I am wanting to get back into Iracing and want a 32inch monitor to play on. I live very far away from any stores that sell monitors so I cant really go "see for myself" which I want.

    I basically want something with decent response time. 75mz at least if possible and also 1440p. I have a 2070FE GPU so 1440p is a good sweet spot for me. I dont want a downgrade in quality from what I currently have. My budget is around $250, I might be able to squeeze $300 but that would incur the wrath of the wife so I dont really want to go there.

    Would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Buy used or wait for sales. You can't get a new 1440p 32" 75+hz monitor for <300

    The only 2 32" 1440p monitors that exist, outside of sales, are and both of which are decent enough monitors, but are both 60hz. If you want more than 60hz, the cheapest is which is 350USD.
    In case you meant an ultrawide monitor, the cheapest 1440p at more than 32" is which is 400

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