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    WoW should go more solo player

    .. because the competition, The Elder Scrolls Online, is growing thanks to mainly adressing solo players.

    Probably WoW could grow as well again, if the content was available to most playstyles without having to group up?

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    Oh boy, here we go again.

    Someone pass the bloody popcorn!

    Anywho, personally I don’t think it should go ‘more single player’. But I think there should be more world content that can be done solo or with random folk.

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    I must admit the mage tower was pretty cool in Legion but I think it shouldn't go much beyond that (think single player scenarios like in SW:TOR or Age of Conan for specialization iirc). An MMO should be played with multiplayer as its main focus.

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    I mean to be fair it's mostly a solo game outside of Mythic and high rated arena anyway so /shrug.

    People aren't leaving WoW due to the "lack of solo experience" either. They are leaving because it's in a dire state and there are better things (imo) currently offered by the market that is attracting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    I mean to be fair it's mostly a solo game outside of Mythic and high rated arena anyway so /shrug.
    meh, just because you are grouped with 'randoms' doesn't make it single player >.> even player who you'll never interact with again are people (as opposed to bots for example).

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    There's a discussion to be had about this but it will be in a thread that isn't starting off by openly starting up a game vs. game discussion.
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