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    Why do you want hit rating back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onikaroshi View Post
    This but I'd in bring back Master Looter and Tier Sets.
    Oh shit forgot those.

    Ok add what this guy said to my list (thieving ftw!)

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    Dance studio, path of titans and mounted combat. Oh wait.

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    Old scholomance. I much prefer it to the new version. It felt huge and dangerous, unlike the new linear version.

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    Shaman totems, or at least the ability to Fire Nova off of Flame Shock targets.

    In other words, I want MoP Enhance back. It was so fun.
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    I'm sorry sir, but we do not serve complimentary cheese when you bring your own whine.

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    glad spec


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    Flying for gold immediately at level cap, and worlds designed with that in mind. No more of this Pathfinder and bullshit terrain.
    Fury warriors with dual 1h weapons.
    Sharpening stones, weightstones, and spell oils.
    Enchants and armor kits for all the slots that used to allow them.
    Gem socket bonuses and more socketed gear in general (like how it worked in Wrath, when you could have a fuck ton of gems in your gear).

    edit: Justice/Valor badges.

    edit2: Some of the little racial abilities that added a bit of flavor but didn't have a huge impact on gameplay (treasure finding for dwarves, etc).

    Other thoughts: I don't really miss hit and expertise. I'm fine with it if those stay gone. Also I kind of like Warmode (in particular, I like the fact that I can permanently leave it off). And yeah I think Titanforging sucks.
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    the rpg spell books put them back all the abilities restored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
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    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troggdor View Post
    What would everybody else do?
    Fucking class sets. They used to make 24 sets of gear back in the day, today they have to make 8. I'm okay with pvp and pve looking the same, but fuck. I havent raided at all because everything sub mythic looks fugly.
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
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    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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