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    People agreeing with them doesn't automatically mean that their opinions were "controlled" by the youtubers... People form their opinions and then seek out others that share their opinion, especially if their opinion involves trying to get something changed, because a larger group saying the same thing has a lot bigger chance of getting noticed by the people who can make the changes than an individual. Chances are those people viewing the youtuber's video held that opinion long before they ever saw the video, they likely found the video because they already held that opinion, either through the video showing up in forum discussions on the topic or by searching google for things related to it.

    It's the exact same reason people make threads about issues on the official forums, and post in those threads. They are trying to get their opinion on the issue noticed and gather the support of others who share similar views.
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    youtubers aren't part of the community and certainly do not represent you, me or the community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Cheese View Post
    Until you watch videos that are of your opposing viewpoint and you disagree with them. Your argument falls apart there.
    I didn't present an argument?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftyDPS View Post
    Hello everyone

    I have a question regarding all these posts and debates about YouTubers comments about 8.2 or wow in general.

    Why do they have such a following? I have never once watched any of these videos all the way through. Hell I have barely watched any of them. I read the patch notes and make my own opinion on the content. When did it change that just a handful of people seem to control the entire dialogue of what people think on the game?

    Genuinely curious
    Actually, most people started saying that this expansion is bullshit before the youtubers even started. I remember testing in the PTR before the launch and we were LULing our asses off at the trade channel about island things, artifact things and warfonts. It was obvious that these "features" would be boring and bad. The youtubers joined the bandwagon a little late, when they realized they had nothing to do in game except maybe farm old content.
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    It's basic authority bias. People believe what "authorities" say on any given subject, without even thinking about it themselves. Have been going on for a long, long time, long before youtube, or even internet, were ever invented. Though, granted, back then "authority" actually meant something, nowadays it's usually some idiot with too much free time and a video camera. So, I suppose you're right, wondering why the hell people listen to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onikaroshi View Post
    I don't think the game is bad, I think BfA is bad. BfA is a lost cause but WoW itself is salvageable.
    Exactly that. WoW can still be good... once BfA is over and they step away from the general direction they seem to be following with this... "expansion" that reduces the gameplay and almost destroys the RPG out of an MMORPG.
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    I enjoy the content these creators put forth. Don't forget, they don't just give their opinions on things. Things like Preach's drama time videos, T&E's skits, Nixxiom's machinamas (while he was making them), Nobbel's lore videos.

    Besides those though, it's nice to hear outside opinions on the events surrounding the game. Give me an idea or perspective I haven't heard. Maybe highlight why the raiding community is frustrated with change X, or why the lore is strange, ect.

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    With the Artifacts and Legendaries gone, I happened to be 80% sure Blizzard would re-tweak the classes or at the least add another talent tier. Instead, Blizzard did nothing (with few exceptions in regard to class design). Azerite Armor proved to be under-whelming with regard to filling a niche and clunky at best with regard to design. That means every aspect of the game pve or pvp, competitive or non-competitive offers slip shoddy and uninspired game play. And when you add the GCD changes (for no apparent reason) into the equation the lack of smoothness becomes even more evident.

    The Blizzard carelessness doesn't stop there either...unfortunately. The RNG is outrageously dumb and out of control and the new features (all of them) misfired in a very gross and unquestionable manner. No one would bother doing Warfronts if the rewards weren't great. Warmode started off as a terrible joke, but in fairness got better as the xpac progressed. Isles show a lot of potential, but they're essentially like Dungeon runs minus tanking, healing and bosses. The tier sets look terrible and the lack of set bonuses is probably one of the dumbest ideas ever. That pretty much sums up the bad and the ugly,.

    Here's the good: the zones look amazing. If I listed anything else that I considered good about BFA I'd be reaching. In short - BFA is a very uninspired xpac, the sooner it's over, the better. I strongly believe the entire brand name of BFA is tainted and the players who left the game are not willing to return until there is something new and exciting like the next xpac. Patch 8. whatever in BFA just isn't cutting it, players lost trust in BFA and rightfully so. And if Blizzard doesn't move on from this debacle in a reasonable time frame, they'll lose trust in Blizzard as

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    I like watching videos that talk about features of upcoming patch because I like to hear other opinions on it. But I avoid videos about datamined stuff or speculation. They usualy contain some spoilers.

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