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    Make Expulsom Tradable

    Why is Expulsom still not Tradable? All the scrapped materials like leather, ore, clothes, gems, etc can all be sent and traded.

    On some chars players urgently need expulsom, but on others they have them over abundant and useless.

    The professions are already bad enough now. Why not make them tradable? And what is the reason for this stupid logic?

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    I hate the whole idea of having to run heroic dungeons or raids to get mats to even level your profession to max, or make gear that’s worthless once you can run heroic dungeons and raids... It’s a stupid design. The least they can do is make the mats BoA, so you can get them on your main and have an alt use them, but better yet they should just make them BoE.

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    Expulsom is really not a problem since they added it as a world quest reward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    Expulsom is really not a problem since they added it as a world quest reward.
    still it would be so much better if it was BoA not soulbound.

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    I have not used Expulsum once. Crafting is in no good spot.

    For the future, crafting should always allow the player to craft good gear, no matter if he watches raids or mythic dungeons. Also, you should be able to improve gear with crafting once a week, and one piece a week. That could make crafting interesting for a longer term.

    In BFA, mats are just piling up in my guild bank, and i have no use for them.
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    Maybe an expulsom vendor? So we can trade the stuff in for trade goods (Nice for those warfront resource quests), maybe even the raid-reagents at a fairly steep ratio, so non-raiders can (eventually) craft some higher-end gear...

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    Lets rather make all the stupid mythic mats from 5 mans and raids not be part of normal crafted items.

    OP, get a tailor or LW and make as many as you want...One expulsom cost like 200-500g to make doing bracer shuffle. Just takes time and is bored to do. But as a heavy AH player its what you gotta do.
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    At the very least, make some of these soulbound mats like expulsom and hydrocore account bound. It might drop market values slightly initially, but once everyone's supply is exhausted, then things would normal out again. Worst case, you get an extra handful of crafted out there on the market after the fact because some people have the alts to do the same WQ several times over, but when it comes to stuff that drops from raids or m+, there's really no effects because whether you get mats on one toon running two dungeons, or on two toons running one dungeon each, the end result is still the same. Hell, the raid drop mats, you get one or two per normal kill, and 10 per heroic. Numerically, you would still need to run Dazar basically twice over in full to get enough mats for one piece of heroic level crafted gear.

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    The problem is not expulsom being soulbound, though annoying. my demon hunter can farm enough leather in an hour to make greens and blues to get enough to make something with. I don't even mind going through a mythic to get a hydrocore. But i find that needing to raid heroic to get whatever breath or what have you at the time and then the item be soul bound to be completely stupid. If i have to invest the time to make an item. I should be able to do what i want with it.

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    Try crafting bracers and scraping them on the appropriate toon
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