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    i've been having fun. i do agree its better than wod and cata, but not as great as legion. don't agree at all with those calling it trash. that's just absurd. the main problem at least to me is the azerite system. gearing is funky and some talents just make even 20-50+ item level ones worse than the lower item level ones. i like that they tried to expand the artifact system from legion but they didn't execute it well. i think they should have just kept it the same as legion but moved to the necklace rather than the weapon. my second biggest is certain class designs with classes. i really enjoy my assassination rogue and elemental shaman, but can't stand any spec for my mage and hunter. though hunter has been my same complaint since they took away classic survival in legion. i miss survival and beast mastery i find to be quiet dull mechanics. marksman is trying to be some hybrid of classic marks and surv and its just to glunky because of it.

    things i've enjoyed the most has been the story and questing. the art team has done a fantastic time with the zones and the story line with the war has been interesting and good. i've really enjoyed the war campaign so far. at least from my alliance perspective. can't comment about horde. i like the world quests and believe its better implemented than legion was. and really like all the new ally races to unlock. so far unlocked all for alliance. love the dark iron dwarfs. my favorite by far. raids and mythic's + their mechanics have been fun and entertaining. battlegrounds have been fun but world pvp has sucked horribly being alliance. i keep warmode off because its just hordes of horde grouped up swarming zones killing everyone while alliance just dingle around picking their noses and left as every man for themselves. faction balance (and alliance pride) needs to be fixed. so pvp is kinda 50/50. if i was horde it would be 75 / 25. i've also enjoyed warfronts. very relaxing to do. just sit back and chill.

    to focus on warfronts i do wish they added a pvp option like they did with island expeditions. keep everything the same except the horde have actual players fighting back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillside View Post

    in that order
    That's perfect thought that appear in my mind! /cheers mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethamus View Post
    100% trash
    it's not that... it's 10000000% trash which you can pick it up bfa in dumpster.

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    Dont waste your money on BFA, with 60$ you could go play stuff like God of Wars or Highly rated Indie Games.

    Just dont play BFA.

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    Middle-of-the-road, with a lot of genuinely great elements weighed down by both a handful of catastrophically stupid decisions that struck at the core of a sense of progression and reason to play (azerite gear system and abandoning concepts like the mage tower) and having to be compared to the most recent expansion, Legion, which was damn near perfect, making everything feel like a downgrade.

    In short, it feels like they took away most of the things that made Legion a good expansion, then wondered why BFA wasn't as good an expansion. All presumably for the sake of "trying something new" every expansion, as they've always done, which is why I don't go torches and pitchforks so much as sigh and play other games more frequently.

    Perhaps best visualized by this list of things Legion had that BFA does not:
    -mage towers for an endgame challenge that justifies long term gear progression and improving your skills at your class
    -other assorted artifact appearance challenges and tints. Collect them all, or just prioritize certain ones you really like. Gave a lot to do.
    -powerful artifact abilities that changed the way you played your class for the better and some of which would absolutely ruin it if they were removed. "If you want to make a baby cry, first you give it a lollipop, then you take it away." -South Park Chef
    -a steady since of increase in power post level cap to your character with legion weapons
    -class specific content that was in depth enough to justify leveling multiple alts to see it all

    Just off the top of my head. And good things BFA has that Legion does not:
    -war mode

    Still better than WOD, and I'll die on that hill. It's impossible to fail harder than me reaching the level cap, going "well crap what am I supposed to do now? Garrison missions?" and logging out of boredom for the entire rest of the expansion. (and returning later in Legion to see if I missed anything, cleaning it out in about 2 days, realizing I really didn't miss much, and returning to Legion.)

    I have high hopes for 8.2.
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    If it wasn't for the classic "one shit expansion, one decent one" after WOTLK, I'd say it'd be the end of WoW. Can't possibly get worse than this. It won't be fixed until the next one comes out.

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    BFA is far and away the game's worst expansion.

    Mists of Pandaria
    • + Felt like you were truly exploring the world of Azeroth and interacting with a new culture that wasn't forgotten after you left the zone. The Pandaren, Celestials, Grummle, Mantid, Jinyu, Hozen, Mogu, Saurok, Zandalari, and Mantid were prevalent through all of Pandaria and in all patches. There was a ton of RP potential to be mined.
    • + Memorable slice of life moments made me feel attached to Pandaria and its people, and care about when it was threatened. The enemies felt terrifying because I knew they could harm these people. In the case of the Yaungol and Garrosh, they did.
    • + Fresh new ideas that had never been explored in the Warcraft setting before, rather than simply building upon the same races and themes we had seen before.
    • + The most engaging expansion story in WoW. It managed to introduce many new ideas and characters, start a whole new storyline in Pandaria, while also developing the old characters and storylines, and managed to tie both the Pandaria and the Horde vs Alliance storylines together for an immensely satisfying conclusion. That is ludicrously difficult to do from a writing perspective. Siege of Orgimmar was awesome. Throne of Thunder remains the most visually interesting raid in the game, rivaled only by Antorus, and had very strong atmosphere.
    • + Wrathion and Anduin dynamic in the Legendary quest. We got to see both of them grow and their intriguing commentary on how events are developing. We got to see people actually react to what we were doing, which lent weight to our actions.
    • + Beautiful zones, especially the Jade Forest, Kun-Lai, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
    • + Timeless Isle was (and still is) very fun, being a compact zone with a lot of things to do. You can spend hundreds of hours here and never be bored. Nothing has quite recaptured that magical feeling since.
    • + Relaxing at the Halfhill Farm and the Angler's Guild
    • + Raising Cloud Serpents
    • + Every reputation had a questline attached to it that unlocked as you gained rep. I looked forward to finding out whether or not Farmer Yoon would be accepted into the farmer's market, learning how the Pandaren raise Cloud Serpents, progressing towards the next step of taking out the Thunder King, or building up Domination Point.
    • + The best soundtrack in the franchise.
    • + Class fantasy achieved with monk class, their animations, lore, and the peak of serenity.
    • + PvP rewards were balanced; normal raiders (now heroic) could hop on to the rated PvP train and succeed. Rated PvPers could hop on to normal raiding and succeed.
    • + Tiger's Peak is the most visually appealing arena map, would play there every time. Also added Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines, which are a ton of fun.
    • + Scenarios: quick, three man content that could be run in fifteen minutes or less. It spruced up your roster of queued-for instanced content. You could go in rocking any comp. Furthermore, it allowed Blizzard to tell stories unique stories such as Blood in the Snow, Dagger in the Dark, and Dark Heart of Pandaria.

    • +- Brawler's Guild feels finicky. The fights don't feel like they were tuned to really challenge your knowledge of your class so much as it is an elite that you have to use some sort of gimmick to defeat. Doesn't feel satisfying.

    • - Zone design was inconsistent; Krassarrang, Dread Wastes, and Townlong are just big plains with a few large trees sprinkled here and there, don't feel like the places they are supposed to be. Suffers from the same problem as Elywnn Forest being essentially a large field with giant trees sprinkled here and there.
    • - Yaungol and Dawnchaser Tribe Tauren disappeared after Townlong and Krassarng, with the Yaungol only showing up on the Timeless Isle as generic enemies without explanation.
    • - The Watchers were introduced in the Timeless Isle and then immediately forgotten, only to have a brief appearance in War Crimes with Kairoz, who only serves as a plot device to kickstart the filler expansion.
    • - Tol'vir Arena and Deepwind Gorge.
    • - Shrines weren't interesting capitals.

    • + A strong sense of urgency; you understood what was happening and what needed to be done next.
    • + Small but iconic cast of characters; got to really know them and see them develop over the course of the questing experience.
    • + five out of seven zones were fantastic, with Nagrand simply being "okay" and Gorgrond being the only one that was forgettable. Those five zones are visually iconic and a ton of fun to run around in.
    • + Made me care for the people of Shadowmoon, the Frostwolves, the Arrakoa, and the Draenei in Talador. Felt a true sense of loss when their few remaining villages were destroyed.
    • + Malach, Blackrock and Roll, Wolf at the Gates, and the Alliance themes are memorable enough that I regularly listen to them.
    • + Updated character models.
    • + Khadgar.

    • +- Garrisons. It was fun to build and run it, but I was not fond of micromanaging follower missions. Garrisons also didn't have much customization or a sense of being important in the grand scheme of things; they didn't have lore importance. Felt like just another non-descript Horde/Alliance questing hub.
    • +- Ashran. Great idea, but it didn't feel like a massive war. It felt like a very gamey MOBA.

    • - EVERY zone questline was an urgent "end of the world" scenario; after leaving Embaari Village and Wor'Gol, you never got a chance to relax and interact with Draenor's people and culture.
    • - An absence of "normal people" like Wrathion and Anduin to comment on you're actions. You have no idea how you're actions are affecting the world. You never return to Wor'gol or Embaari village and hear about how you are hailed as a hero for dismantling the Iron Horde, or how you've relieved tensions in Orgrimmar and Stormwind by having made sure that the fight never came to Azeroth.
    • - Forgettable instanced content. Outside of Grimrail Depot, I'd skip over the dungeons here. Highmaul was forgettable, and Blackrock Foundry was more oppressive fire and steel coming off of 14 months of SoO.
    • - You had to pick one of two Apexis dailies to do, which came down to "kill a bunch of TI difficult enemies for fifteen minutes for little reward", but you had to do it because dailies didn't accumulate like in Legion. There were only a handful of Apexis daily locations and you had to do the same thing every time. The areas are very mob dense, making it a chore to get from point to point and adjust your talents or look at a guide.
    • - Tannan Jungle's layout is confusing, the colors are headache inducing, the mobs too dense, and overall just makes me want to avoid it. Part of the reason why I unsubbed was because of how much I hated Tannan Jungle.
    • - Same thing for the raid.
    • - The people of Draenor ceased being relavant after their zone questline had ended. We never see the primals again. We never see the Arakkoa again (outside of Iskar in the raid), never see the Frostwolves again, etc.
    • - Forgettable reputations. They didn't have stories attached to them like MoP, not even daily quests that give context to what they do. You just go to a a zone and kill generic bad guys because... the board in your office said so.
    • - Removed scenarios

    • + Khadgar.
    • + Class campaigns. The Death Knight campaign is gripping. You truly felt like you were a part of a band of brothers, hated by the world, yet sacrificing yourselves to protect it. Interacting with (maybe good, maybe evil?) Bolvar was great. Class fantasy achieved!
    • + Blizzard struck gold with their environment and art design for Argus. Easily the best looking zone in the entire game, with everything from the modeling and placement of the jagged black rocks, to the fields of yellow flowers, to the matte painting skybox that you look up at and see a massive world beyond the small little segment you are on. I hope we get more grand matte painting skyboxes like that going forward!
    • + Slowly learning the mechanics of the Mage Tower encounter and how to get the most out of your class, and the immense satisfaction that comes from triumphing over the challenge! Blizzard needs to keep making content like this, and I'm not talking about stashing it in the Brawler's Guild or the Proving Grounds.

    • +- Highmountain is a relaxing zone, felt a little like Pandaria again. Got to explore Highmountain Tauren culture, and to a lesser extent, the Vyrkul in Stormheim. The potential was lost when the storylines looped back around to "WE MUST STOP BIG BAD IMMEDIATELY!"
    • +- Val'Sharrah gripped me with its Druidic lore and the zone had several places where it felt like a genuine world (such as Cenarion's resting place and Ashamane's Fall), but it was ruined by the sight of the zone being invaded by baddies every fifty feet.
    • +- Suramar gave us what I had requested for a long time: a city to play in as a zone. It's easily the best looking zone in the game and gives us an insight into Nightborne culture. Unfortunately, it is hamstrung by terrible framreates (sub 30 FPS!) and ludicrous mob density. It is a pain to get from questgiver to questgiver.

    • - Archeus wasn't updated; it's the same old Archeus from ten years ago; doesn't really feel like it's a base for the world's largest organization of Death Knights, or a battle ready, impenetrable fortress.
    • - Besides Velen and Khadgar, I didn't care for any of the core characters here. My heart pounded when I was worried that Warbrave Oro would die. Didn't feel anything for Ysera's death in her cinematic. I was shocked when Ebonhorn revealed himself and was watching over Mayla as a parent. Didn't care anything for Alleria and Turaylon reunited with their son and sisters. I cried for Prince Farondis' remorse and sacrifice. I thought that Illidan was one big crybaby.
    • - An absence of "normal people" like Wrathion and Anduin to comment on you're actions. You have no idea how you're actions are affecting the world. Even with the World Quests, you never return to a viallage and hear about how you are hailed as a hero for what you've done outside of the standard completion line you get from the world questgiver.
    • - Besides the music at Deliverance Point, I cannot recall a single leitmotif or theme from Legion's soundtrack. It started with WoD, but I'm now convinced that WoW's soundtrack quality has been going down. For the first time, I've played an expansion with the music turned off most of the time. Ouch.
    • - Rendered Jaina's purge of Dalaran meaningless now that the Horde is let back in. No one we cared about died; there was no long lasting consequences of the purge in either the Horde or the Alliance. Like it never even happened.
    • - Everyone we met on the Broken Isles ceased to be relevant after their zone questline. We never see the Vrykul again, or the Nightborne, or the Highmountain Tauren, or the Demon Hunters, and so on.
    • - Gutted the PvP reward structure. Blizzard has centered WoW's progression around climbing the ilevel ladder. The goal has been, and always will be, to increase your ilevel, with the people who put in the most time and effort getting the highest ilevel. The problem with Legion's reward structure is that it doesn't matter if you pour forty hours into rated PvP every season; you're ilevel will always be on par with the people who spent five hours on Argus and in Antorus LFRs. If you're getting combatant achievements, you've proven that you know your class and how to coordinate with a group. You should be permitted to participate in the PvE equivalent of rated PvP content, that being heroics and mythics. Unfortunately, because you're ilevel is on par with LFR and Argus questers, you'll have to pour another forty hours into raiding just to climb another ladder just to begin that content. Meanwhile, heroic raiders who have climbed their ladder and proven their ability to play their class and coordinate can jump right in to rated PvP no problem. See the double standard?
    • - Forgettable reputations. They didn't have stories attached to them like MoP, not even daily quests that give context to what they do. You just go to a a zone and kill generic bad guys because... the board in your office said so.
    • - World quests: You go to some random location on your map, get a voiceover, kill a ton of trash for fifteen minutes for a little reward. They're even worse than even the Apexis dailies. At least with Apexis dailies, I could choose whether or not to do the Assault on the Pit, which pitted me against elites that required me to group up and interact with other players to complete (and I got more crystals than the boring solo quest too!)

    Battle for Azeroth

    • + Top notch art as usual. Drustvar is gorgeous, especially the Crimson Wood and the Wickerman models. I love the rolling planes of Stormsong Valley dotted by rivers and trees with snowcapped mountains and fluffy clouds in the background. Vol'dun feels vast with the large, rolling sand dunes littered with the bones of colossal creatures, feels like Tanaris remade.
    • + Dazar'alor has become tied with Thunder Bluff and the Shrine of Two Moons as my favorite Horde capital. First of all, we haven't had a new, faction CITY introduced into the game since The Burning Crusade. Dalaran is cool, but if you're RPing a character whose identity is specifically tied to their faction, then it's hard to get attached to Dalaran. Meanwhile, the Shrines and Ashrans didn't feel satisfactory; you didn't feel as if this was another major population center of the Horde or that the Alliance was growing. With Dazar'alor, it very much feels as if THIS CITY IS OUR OWN, as if the Horde has become larger and is more reminsicent of the inter-continental empire that has only really been told to us in the lore and not shown to us ingame. The pyramid also gives a sense of supremacy, as if we are on top of the world, as if the Horde really is AN EMPIRE. I don't mind that the Great Seal reused the Shrine's layout; Blizzard had already figured out in MoP how to make a beautiful capital that was also functional, with all of the major services within a short walk of each other. Dazar'alor is also very vibrant; it's incredibly refreshing to see something this colorful, and it would have been a pleasant sight to see for the next couple years, if not more. Similarly, I have nothing but praise for Bolarus. It feels like the first, true player city in the game, rather than being an abstract playset that we've had before. If I were to go on about Borlaus, this point would take up half of the page, so I'll stop here.
    • + Allied races allow for more variety in player customization and allow us to better differentiate ourselves from other players. Given the sheer number of animations that a player character must have to perform every interaction in the game, there is a point where making entirely new animation sets and adding them to two dozen other rigs that must be constantly updated for each expansion is untenable. Reusing those animations for new models was a necessary move.
    • + Pre-rendered cutscenes are great as usual
    • + Raid design gets straight to the point. When you enter Uldir, you don't have to spend fifteen to twenty minutes clearing trash; you're plopped right in front of the first boss. Once you kill the first boss, the second boss opens up literally right in front of you. Once you kill her, it's a short walk to the third. Makes raiding more convenient, as we don't have to spend fifteen to twenty minutes on top of how much time it took to assemble the raid to find out whether or not we would be even able to clear the raid with that group, multiplied by however many times we had to run it.

    • +/- The dueling creates a gathering spot for 1v1 duels, though it's a shame that it was locked behind the BFA expansion's level cap and wasn't placed in Stormwind or Orgrimmar where everyone could access it.

    • - The overall story is an utter trashfire, for reasons I've talked about in depth many, many times before. There is no nuance, no intrigue, no compelling characters to follow outside of the couple of glimpses of Baine we get. This was touted as THE faction war story... and it's nothing other than another generic expansion story where we fight at the beginning and the walk off to fight new baddies out of nowhere, except we occasionally fight each other during a questline or something.

    • - Aside from one small side questchain toward the end of Drustvar, I found the questing experience to be dreadfully dull. No intriguing characters and stories. The only character from Vol'Dun I can remember was Meerah... and she only appears in a handful of quests. In Drustvar, they introduced your crack team of specialists halfway through the story at Arom's Stand... and then they literally did nothing with those characters. There was no focus on developing those characters or a sense of camaraderie from having them bounce off of each other. They just go their own way, waiting for you to meet them, send you on a few kill quests while throwing out quips I can't remember, and that was that. None of the zone storylines themselves were memorable. Noticing a pattern? BFA's questing experience is forgettable.
    • - Locking world quests behind reputations, which means that you have to complete all of the zone questlines, even if you don't enjoy them. Ugh.
    • - Aside from the expansion cinematic music, the Borlaus music and the Kul'Tiran inn folk song, I literally cannot recall any new tracks from the expansion. It's even more forgettable than Legion's OST.
    • - PvP is somehow even more soulless than it was in Legion. The reward system is a gutted, hollow shell of the already botched system we got in Legion, all because Ion doesn't think we should be allowed to pick and choose which items we want to upgrade from a list off of a vendor. Even the PvP gear you do earn is now irrelevant and doesn't help you cross over into PvE with the time you had invested in the game, unlike in MoP.
    • - Azerite Power. First, I have no control over which powers I can get. If I get an item, those are two/three powers I choose from, which leads into my second point: the vast majority of Azerite powers are downright boring. Only a handful of them actually change up gameplay or give you new abilities to play around with. Thirdly, grinding Azerite Power just to actually use the powers on my gear is frustrating and negates the reward of having actually gotten the piece with the reward (that already had powers outside of my control) in the first place. I'm already trying to catch up when a new tier drops and the power ceiling rises. I shouldn't feel like I'm trying to catch up when I actually unlock the gear! We told Blizzard that IT WAS NOT FUN months in advance of the expansion's release, and then it was released as our progression system anyway, taking over half a year after BFA's launch for us to get an alternative system. Too little, too late.
    • - RNG on top of RNG. It's worse than ever before. First, I have RNG on whether or not the boss will drop loot. Then I have RNG on whether or not the loot will Titanforge into the best item it could be. Then I have RNG on what powers I get, and then I have to put in MORE time just to unlock the powers on the loot I already got. It's unrewarding to put in so much effort for useless or unwanted rewards.
    • - Dungeons are far too tedious. Proper dungeon pacing consists of short bursts of high intensity boss fights and stretches of low intensity trash fights to give time for the players to cool off, and to make the boss fights standout more. Instead, the trash ends up being just as hard - if not harder - than the boss fights. There's never a moment of respite; you don't get to look at the environment, read the event text, contemplate the story, or simply reach over to drink from your beer. It's just a tedious run all the way through, and I have no desire to run more.
    • - Warfronts are shallow and boring. Forget about mining, lumberjacking, or escorts caravans; you just push the front to the enemy base and that's that that. There is no strategy involved or challenge to be had; you can literally just AFK in the base and wait for your free loot to come.
    • - Island expeditions had so much potential. While they heralded the return of scenario gameplay in the form of 3 man content with flexible comps, the actual content itself was boring. It's just about going around to kill and click everything in sight to push a bar. There are no stories to follow, lore to uncover, characters to meet, unique gameplay mechanics to play with, no nothing. I used them to level so I wouldn't have to grind LFDs or play through those forgettable zone questchains, but I have no intention of ever playing them again.
    • - Forgettable reputations. They didn't have stories attached to them like MoP, not even daily quests that give context to what they do. You just go to a a zone and kill generic bad guys because... the board in your office said so.
    • - World quests: You go to some random location on your map, get a voiceover, kill a ton of trash for fifteen minutes for a little reward. They're even worse than even the Apexis dailies. At least with Apexis dailies, I could choose whether or not to do the Assault on the Pit, which pitted me against elites that required me to group up and interact with other players to complete (and I got more crystals than the boring solo quest too!)

    It may seem like the few pluses and minuses there are are even... and that's the point: BFA is forgettable, which is why it's the worst expansion. Good thing FFXIV exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puthred View Post
    If it wasn't for the classic "one shit expansion, one decent one" after WOTLK, I'd say it'd be the end of WoW. Can't possibly get worse than this. It won't be fixed until the next one comes out.
    I genuinely believe they are holding back any good new ideas and designs for the next expac, and my thought was further confirmed by the absolutely disgraceful armor sets for 8.2 An absolute dumpster fire of design, or lack of. Blizzard have moved on from BFA, and i think i actually might as well.

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    future generations will learn the cure for cancer by studying the tumors that were discovered growing in the brains of people who thought bfa wasnt that bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puthred View Post
    Can't possibly get worse than this.
    Or, BFA's faults are due to ever-tightening budget screws at Blizzard, and it will now only get worse.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    My opinion.

    Not worth coming back to in it's current state or 8.2 which only fixes 1 aspect.

    Content while in quantity lacks quality, game still throws timegating and rng aspects to attempt to keep people subbed, Allied Races unlock requirements (for a fucking core feature of an RPG) are still a thing and overall the game is just in a meh state with people leaving left, right and centre.

    Not to mention the devs just don't flat out care. Ion has actually gone as far as to slyly blame the players for the problems of the expansion in recent interviews. There was no passion or love put into this expansion whatsoever except maybe from the art team with zones.

    My advice is if you quit back then you'll just end up wasting a months sub to come back and quit in 2 weeks. There are better alternatives on the market right now is all I'll say.

    Overall for me BFA gets a 3/10 and it's lucky to be getting that. It's not representative of what WoW can be. It can do better but the current situation at ActiBlizz is stopping it from doing better imo.

    However. It is your money to do with as you see fit so if you want to come back to the game then come back. It's your decision first and foremost. Not the posters of MMO-C.
    your opinion isn't really valid because "but well least that subs long expired." you haven't had a sub for ages, so you can't really comment on the state of a game you haven't played for a long while

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    When comparing it to Legion it's got all the same problems. Just has less transmog and mounts to farm.

    Mythic+ is really boring and repetetive and it ruins the vadility of raiding real raids. Is even bigger problem today (Method has only bothered defeating Jaina 2 times...). I guess people enjoyed M+ in legion because it was fresh, but it is really a horrible system, and makes a person that just want to Raid be forced to do M+.

    PvP gear random drops, and has way worse ilvl than any world quest drops. Same problem in Legion. At least now we get the Conquest bar and the PvP gear matters way more than in Legion, so PvP is actually improved IMO.

    Gear catch up mechanics are worse than ever.

    The only reason people liked Legion was because the world quest system, M+ system and AP system was new. We still have the same systems but finally people see how boring they are.

    Legion had the advantage of being a "transmog farm" expansion. You farmed all the different Artifact Weapon colors and variations. You farmed the class mounts. Noone cares about farming good gear anymore, because it will all be catch up mechaniced in 3 months, so all they care about is transmog and mounts. BfA has no transmog or mounts. Not even raid tier transmogs.

    I personally think it is sad when all people do in this game is farm mounts and transmogs. I want to play a game where I feel motivated to get great cutting edge gear. On this area, they have failed miserably for a long time.

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    I like BFA more than Legion so far, but not by much. Maybe 10-15%. After WoD the worst of them all Legion and BfA feel about samey, BfA brought nothing new whereas Legion did change up a lot that's why it's perceived to be better. But overall BfA and Legion are almost identical in terms of content. If you liked Legion I think you should come back. If you didn't, stay away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FL4K View Post
    Middle of the road

    Certainly over hyped, and over zealously defended by fanatical WoW players/Blizzard devotees making it out as the best expansion yet--

    --but it's certainly not the train wreck, abysmal expansion it's made out to be.

    It's middle of the road. My opinion.

    I don’t like the HoA design at the moment or how it works with Azerite gear and I miss tier sets, I (liked weighing which piece to take over an offset).

    I do like the zones(art and story) and questing set up. I like old word zone scaling and ARs because I’m an altaholic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frimelda View Post
    Hello all, I am someone who quit a month into Battle For Azeroth and was thinking of possibly trying the game out again and I was wondering what people currently think of the expansion thus far?

    Story is excellent. War campaign is really a treat. Many great cutscenes. Lots of lore. Good character development.
    I cannot shake the feeling that it is a re-hash of Mists of Pandaria though. Sylvanas is Garrosh 2.0, so much. I just hope they will do a better job of landing it.
    It is worth playing a character on both factions, to see it all.

    Zones are excellent. I love them all, even including that depressing swamp of death; Nazmir.
    The Zandalar continent is amazing in lore, with all the Loa really spicing things up. The Kul'Tiras continent is pretty like no other, and has so much detail to it.

    Dazar'alor is universally praised as a fantastic raid, not raiding myself so can't say. LFR version of it is okay, but not worth doing much.
    Warfronts could be fun, but are not really worth repeating multiple times, feels like a missed opportunity as they are very linear experiences. I do them once per cycle for the loot chest.
    Island Expeditions are essentially a bit dull. There is variety in what you see, but lacks variety in what you do. I find myself skipping them too as farming AP is not worth your time.
    Dungeons are high quality, but as always you get sick of doing the same ones over and over.
    Daily quests are a bit meh by now, we've seen them. They were good, but I've done them all a million times already.

    Gameplay is the more or less same as before. Find monster, kill monster, get loot and XP. Repeat. Lack of artifact traits powers feel like a nerf since Legion.
    Azerite Gear system replacing the artifacts is not interesting. Traits are boring, not making much of an impact on anything. Very much a dud. Reworked system coming in 8.2.
    AP grinding is dull as a result. You have nothing to work for except re-unlocking the same traits you already use, but on slightly higher ilvl items. That's just pointless.

    Biggest flaw: I have no incentive to go out and play.
    I have unlocked everything I reasonably can without raiding, now just waiting for the next patch with content.
    The only thing I can do is get more warfront chests that give me gear upgrades.
    However, every time I get a gear upgrade, everything scales up in difficulty anyway, making the entire effort rather pointless.
    Doubly so as a healer, where a sizeable upgrade in mastery just makes monsters thougher without improving my DPS. I have lost count of how often I destroy an item upgrade over that.
    So I find myself doing old content, for transform farming and such. That's the only thing that actually feels like progression to me. Current expansion content does not.
    Get the addon AllTheThings, it's really really giving this game major longevity.

    That said: I really liked the good parts of BFA. The war campaign is most certainly worth your time. I'd recommend returning in 8.2 and see if you like the new reworked azerite system as well. Should be coming to the live servers around June-ish, though you can play it on the PTR now.
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    Class design is the reason I play wow.

    I could careless how many pointless quality content they throw at me.

    Class design was meh during legion, BFA is basically legion but pruned to the ground.

    Imagine having to pick a talent that's been baseline for your class for years! (Shadow word: death).

    WOD was playable because my character was fun to play, multistrike was fun, but the content was trash. But guess what, that didn't matter.

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    Better than WoD but far from Wrath or Legion.

    Most of the issues people have are systems or external to the actual plot.

    It doesn't feel good to do business with Blizzard anymore.

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    BfA will be remembered as a VERY controversial expansion, at best - and only if Blizzard really nails it with 8.2 and 8.3. If they don't... Well, it will go down as WoD 2.0 (albeit for different reasons).
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    I quit about a month ago. The game in its current state is very grindy with limited replayability.

    I have all 12 characters at 120 and it was feeling like a chore at the end to do this. The only reason i played as long as i did was because of my guild. My guild decided to stop raiding and i quickly realised that i wasn't enjoying the game outside of those times i spent raiding with guildies or doing M+ with them.

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    Its one of the worst expansions.
    Class design is so awful..
    World quests are boooring
    raids and dungeons are boring
    pvp is boring

    Nothing combat based is fun in wow when class design is so shit

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    I'm enjoying myself almost as much as Legion but not quite as much. Many of my issues with azerite have largely been fixed, my main feels a lot better to play now than at the release of BFA and since I don't really do any organized content, I've roughly the same amount of stuff to do as I had in Legion minus the mage tower.

    In fact I'd have more to do if I found island expeditions and warfronts compelling, but they're really not particularly fun to me. I only do the warfront quest for the chance at "elite" warfront transmog and don't even bother weekly capping island expeditions on any of my characters.

    BFA no doubt had a rocky beginning and I understand most player frustrations, but the gameplay loop is satisfying to me so I'll continue playing. 8.2 seems very ambitious, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
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